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Winter 2022 Semester

Carleton University

AFRI 4000 - Prof. Solana Moreno, Vivian
ANTH 2001 - Prof. Solana, Vivian
ANTH 4215 & 5706 - Prof. Landry, Jean-Michel
ANTH 4620 & 5209 - Prof. Solana Moreno, Vivian
ANTH 5708 - Prof. Ramzy, Carolyn
CHST 3201 - Prof. Chakravorty, Mayurika
CHST 4102 - Prof. Sinclair-Palm, Julia
COMS 6000 - Prof. Winseck, Dwayne
CRCJ 1000C - Prof. Santos, Madalena
CRCJ 1000D - Prof. Faulkner, Ellen
CRCJ 1000M - Prof. Haseeb, Maseeh
CRCJ 2100D - Prof. Alam, Mariful
CRCJ 2100E - Prof. Ilea, Adina
CRCJ 2100F - Prof. Stinson, Lori
CRCJ 3002D - Prof. Karaian, Lara
CRCJ 3002F - Prof. Santos, Madalena
CRCJ 4001D - Prof. Santos, Madalena
CRCJ 4001E - Prof. Alam, Mariful
CRCJ 4500 - Prof. Monaghan, Jeffrey
ENGL 2107 - Prof. Greenspan, Brian
ENGL 2802A - Prof. Birkwood, Susan
ENGL 2927 - Prof. Hosein, Aliesha
ENGL3003 - Prof. Dragunoiu, Dana
ENGL 3500B - Prof. Rooney, Morgan
ENGL 3501 - Prof. Dragunoiu, Dana
ENGL 3965 - Prof. Hosein, Aliesha
ENGL 4135 - Prof. Mason, Jody
ENGL 4401 & 5402 - Prof. Murray, Julie
ENGL 4950 - Prof. Chakravorty, Mayurika
FYSM 1004A - Prof. Birkwood, Susan

FYSM 1405B - Prof. Kinsey, Danielle
FYSM 1502 - Prof. Tasson, Steve
HIST 2502 - Prof. Kinsey, Danielle
HIST 2511 - Prof. Hogg, Emmanuel
HIST 2809 - Prof. Hogue, Michel
HUMR 2502 - Prof. Landry, Deborah
HUMR 3401 - Prof. Atack, Peter
LAWS 1002 - Prof. Tasson, Steve
LAWS 2105 - Prof. Husain, Atiya
LAWS 3908 - Prof. Wilke, Christiane
LAWS 4306 - Prof. Moore, Hollis
LAWS 4603 - Prof. Wilke, Christiane
LAWS 4800 - Prof. Littlechild, Danika
LAWS 5000X - Prof. Gaucher, Megan
LAWS 5001 - Prof. Christensen, Michael
LAWS 5903 - Prof. Moore, Hollis
MUSI 5200 - Prof. Ramzy, Carolyn
PSCI 3205 - Prof. Macdonald, Laura
SOCI 1002 - Prof. Davidson, Tonya
SOCI 3170 - Prof. Shotwell, Alexis
SOCI 5107 - Prof. Kennelly, Jacqueline
SOWK 2005 - Prof. Redmond, Melissa
SOWK 2203 - Prof. Powell, Nadine
SOWK 3100 - Prof. Jennissen, Therese
SOWK 4001 - Prof. Park, Gareth
SOWK 4204 - Prof. Braedley, Susan
SOWK 4302 - Prof. Bokore, Nimo
SOWK 5302B - Prof. Morris, Brenda
SOWK 5302W - Prof. Bokore, Nimo
SOWK 5702 - Prof. Stewart, Sara

University of Ottawa

CRM 3335C - Prof. Landry, Deborah

Saint Paul University

EPE 5101 - Prof. McLennan, Matthew


If you are looking for course books, below are some tips that will make your visit to Octopus Books simple, pleasant and, most importantly, get you the right books.

Please take a moment to look through the questions below. If you are still lost at the end, give us a call at 613-233-2589 and we'll be happy to help!


Your professor will tell you whether your books are available through Octopus.

If you have been to class and read your syllabus and you're still not sure if your books are available through Octopus, please refer to the Students section on our website. All the course books we sell are listed there and are organized by Department and Course Code. Check it out!


The #7 bus takes you right from campus to our door. You can also take the #6 from either Billings Bridge or Greenboro to our store. Ask the driver to announce Bank and Third. We are located at 116 Third Ave, just around the corner from Nicastro's. Although the store is wheelchair accessible, our washroom is not.  If you have any issues or questions around accessibility, please don't hestiate to call us at 233-2589, or ask for assistance at the door of the store.

Get more info about Ottawa's buses here.


Here are our hours:

Monday - Sunday: 11am to 5pm


The most important thing is to know your professor's name, but you should have your course code and textbook titles handy as well. Everything in the store is organized by your professor's name. Please, please, please remember your professor's name!

Here's why: There are lots of sections called "ENGL 1000" but they're all taught by different folks and require different books. Knowing your professor's name means you'll be going home with the right books - and that's a great way to start the school year.


YES! You can pick them up in store, or have them shipped to you. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Store Policies before placing your order.

Pick up in-store

If you buy online, you can pick them up in-store at no extra charge (a great way to avoid line-ups)! You will be notified by email when your books are ready to pick up. Please wait for this email before coming to the store! We do our best to have books ready for you the day you order them, but orders are not processed on weekends.  All orders are to be picked up at our store in the Glebe at 116 Third Ave.

Or, shipped to your door!

Get them shipped to you - an even better way to avoid line-ups! Shipping charges are based on weight and your postal code. For shipping in Ontario, this usually works out to $13 for 1 book, plus $1 for each additional book. We will calculate the cost and confirm the total before charging you.

Please note that orders are processed in the order we receive them. We do our best to ship books the same day you place your order, but orders are not processed on weekends.


No. While we accept Visa and Mastercard, you can also send an e-transfer from your bank. Please note that we do not accept Visa or Mastercard debit cards online!


Yes, if you can! Otherwise we have paper bags.


Our store is wheelchair accessible, but the bathroom is not. If you have mobility, auditory or any other type of accessibility issues, we are happy to try our best to help out.  Please give us a call at 613-233-2589 to let us know what would make it easiest for you to purchase your books.

Can I return my course book?

Check out our Store Policies page for information about returns.