2013 04 Dec

Some things to think about when you think about where to spend your $ this holiday season

Of course we want you to shop at the Octopus.

Question is, why shop here, when you can shop anywhere - in person or online? Because:

  • You know the importance of shopping locally
  • You support community
  • You know that Octopus has great books that you may not find other places
  • You know that we support local authors, Canadian presses and many small publishers

Are you thinking, like, so what? Lots of other stores can say much of the same, right? Yes, and bless 'em. There are lots of other stores that are doing great things for the Canadian book/art/culture scene.

Fact is Octopus Books hosts a great range of amazing and important events, and we support lots of community groups by partnering with them to hold these events in our newish and biggish location at 25OneCommunity (and in other places in Ottawa). Check out what we have been doing over the past few years here.  

But wait - there's more. You may know somewhere in the back of your mind (but not right up there in front where all the decision making happens) that we take that money that you spend at the store, and after we pay the rent, and pay the people who work at the store a decent (but not amazing) wage, we support groups that we ( and probably you) really care about.

So your money gets you a book, and then it helps out someone else.

A few  of the groups that your decision to buy at Octopus have supported over the past year include:

So ho ho ho y'all! 

And if books aren't your thing, just remember to shop local as much as possible. Your community thanks you. 

Some food for thought dear friends!  

xo, your Octo-Team