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Split Tooth

Viking | September 25, 2018 | 304 pages
A girl grows up in Nunavut in the 1970s. She knows joy and love. She knows boredom and bullying. She knows the tedium of the everyday and the seductive energy of the animal world. She knows the ravages of alcohol and violence. When she becomes pregnant, she must navigate all this. Veering between... More Info

Recollections of My Nonexistence

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 256 pages
"A marvel: a memoir that details her awakening as a feminist, an environmentalist, and a citizen of the world. Every single sentence is exquisite." --Maris Kreizman, Vulture An electric portrait of the artist as a young woman that asks how a writer finds her voice in a society that prefers women to... More Info

Hood Feminism

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 288 pages
"A collection of essays taking aim at the legitimacy of the modern feminist movement, arguing that it has chronically failed to address the needs of all but a few women"--  More Info

We Have Always Been Here

Viking | June 4, 2019 | 240 pages
How do you find yourself when the world tells you that you don't exist? Samra Habib has spent most of her life searching for the safety to be herself. As an Ahmadi Muslim growing up in Pakistan, she faced regular threats from Islamic extremists who believed the small, dynamic sect to be... More Info

Animal Farm

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 94 pages
Professor:  Morgan Rooney
Course Codes:  FYSM 1004A
When the downtrodden animals of Manor Farm overthrow their master Mr Jones and take over the farm themselves, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of freedom and equality. But gradually a cunning, ruthless elite among them, masterminded by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball, starts to take... More Info

Human Compatible

Viking | October 8, 2019 | 352 pages
A leading artificial intelligence researcher lays out a new approach to AI that will enable us to coexist successfully with increasingly intelligent machines In the popular imagination, superhuman artificial intelligence is an approaching tidal wave that threatens not just jobs and human... More Info


Viking | October 8, 2019 | 400 pages
From a rising star at The New Yorker, a deeply immersive chronicle of how the optimistic entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley set out to create a free and democratic internet--and how the cynical propagandists of the alt-right exploited that freedom to propel the extreme into the mainstream. For several... More Info

Christmas at the Vinyl Cafe

Viking | October 31, 2017 | 272 pages
"A final Christmas gift from Canada's beloved storyteller. Christmas has always been a special time for the Vinyl Cafe. Each year, Stuart McLean's Christmas tours brought laughter and community to every town and city he visited across the country. The hilarious world of Dave and Morley was even... More Info

The Runaways

Viking | March 7, 2019 | 432 pages
Anita lives in Karachi's biggest slum. Her mother is a maalish wali, paid to massage the tired bones of rich women. But Anita's life will change forever when she meets her elderly neighbour, a man whose shelves of books promise an escape to a different world. On the other side of Karachi lives... More Info

Agent Running in the Field

Viking | October 22, 2019 | 272 pages
A new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author John le Carré Set in London in 2018, Agent Running in the Field follows a twenty-six year old solitary figure who, in a desperate attempt to resist the new political turbulence swirling around him, makes connections that will take him down... More Info

Good Morning, Monster

Viking | September 3, 2019 | 352 pages
A therapist creates moving portraits of five of her most memorable patients, men and women she considers psychological heroes. Catherine Gildiner is a bestselling memoirist, a novelist, and a psychologist who practiced privately for 25 years. This book focuses on five brave men and women who... More Info

More Than Enough

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 272 pages
In her motivational memoir, groundbreaking magazine editor Elaine Welteroth unpacks the lessons in her liberation from limiting labels, relationships, and beliefs - from her life as a confident child in California to being the first in her interracial family to graduate from college, from... More Info

No Walls and the Recurring Dream

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 288 pages
A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "A memoir as fierce, freewheeling, and passionate as her music." --O, the Oprah magazine A memoir by the celebrated singer-songwriter and social activist Ani DiFranco In her new memoir, No Walls and the Recurring Dream, Ani DiFranco recounts her early life from a place... More Info

Love Lives Here

Viking | August 13, 2019 | 304 pages
An inspirational story of accepting and embracing two trans people in a family--a family who shows what's possible when you "lead with love." All Amanda Jetté Knox ever wanted was to enjoy a stable life. She never knew her biological father, and while her mother and stepfather were loving parents,... More Info

Present Shock

Viking | March 31, 2020 | 296 pages
The award-winning author of Life, Inc. examines the pros and cons of today's digitally driven, real-time world, explaining how to safeguard against the vulnerabilities of instant-experience media while maximizing its benefits.  More Info