"Science, Militarization and the War in the Middle East" w/ Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

2006 20 Sep

Prof. Dr. Michel ChossudovskyAuthor of the international bestseller "Globalization of Poverty"(translated into 12 languages), editor of Global Research (www.globalresearch.ca), and professor of economics at the Universityof Ottawa will deliver a public talk entitled:"Science, Militarization and the War in the Middle East"at the Activism Course ( http://www.yayacanada.com/course0.html) ofWednesday, September 20th, 2006, 7pm, Marion Hall Auditorium, 140Louis Pasteur Street, University of Ottawa campus.The lecture with selected video clips will be followed by an extensivediscussion period.Please join us for this in-depth analysis of Middle Eastern and Asiangeopolitics, the role of weapons science, and the designs of USEmpire. This is the required background to understand Canada'sillegal war of oppression in Afghanistan and Canada's integration inthe US military machine of world dominance.The public is also invited to stay for and participate in the ActivismCourse work group activities that will follow the discussion period.Join us every Wednesday for a keynote speaker or expert panel andActivism Course: www.alternativevoices.ca (soon to be updated!).Join us every Friday for the Cinema Politica documentary film seriesand discussion: http://cinemapolitica.org/ottawa/.

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