Pauls, Pillow and Debris Tour: The Ottawa Edition

2015 29 Oct
 Pauls, Pillow and Debris Tour: The Ottawa Edition

Coach House Books, Bookthug, Biblioasis and Octopus Books present three authors and their new book:

Andrew Battershill's Pillow: a surreal crime novel that punches above it's weight;
Jess Taylor's Pauls: a unique collection of short stories; and
Kevin Hardcastle's collection Debris  that unveils the stories on the fringes of society

Come enjoy an evening of readings with Jess Taylor (Pauls), Andrew Battershill (Pillow) and Kevin Hardcastle (Debris)!

Thursday, October 29 2015
Octopus Books Centretown
251 Bank St. 2nd floor

About the books

Pauls, the debut short-story collection by Jess Taylor, is about people: the things that remain unseen to them; how they cope with their unforgettable pasts; the different roles they take in each other’s lives; how they hurt each other; how they try to heal each other; the things they want to learn; and the things they’ll never discover. At the same time, Pauls is a portrayal of the world as these people see it—they all exist in a universe that is strange and indifferent to those within it. Coincidences, relationships, conversations, and friendships all pose more questions than answers.

Pillow loves animals. Especially giraffes. That’s why he chooses the zoo for the drug drop-offs he does as a low-level enforcer for the mob. Which happens to be run by André Breton and the Surrealists, like Gwynn Apollinaire, Louise Aragon and Georges Bataille. A gentle soul, Pillow doesn’t love his life of crime. But he isn’t cut out for much else, what with all the punches to the head he took as a professional boxer. And now that he’s accidentally but sort of happily knocked up his neighbour, Emily, he wants to get out and go straight. So when an antique-coin heist goes awry, Pillow sees his chance to make one last big score. But it’s hard to outwit a Surrealist, especially when you can’t always think so clearly. He soon finds himself kneedeep in murder and morphine, kidnapping a pseudo-priest and doing some fancy footwork around a pair of corrupt cops.

The eleven remarkable stories in Kevin Hardcastle’s debut Debris introduce an authentic new voice. Written in a lean and muscular style and brimming with both violence and compassion, these stories unflinchingly explore the lives of those —MMA fighters, the institutionalized, small-town criminals—who exist on the fringes of society, unveiling the blood and guts and beauty of life in our flyover regions.

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