Parenting Your Way Book Signing with Local Author Kaeli Van Regan

2016 06 Aug
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Parenting Your Way Book Signing with Local Author Kaeli Van Regan


Learn to relate through love so that your children can thrive. Are you are a parent that struggles with some of the methods you currently use to parent? Do you find yourself acting out of habit? Do you want to be able to help your child feel successful and happy? Do you want to share your personal values? As you parent from your values you can support a successful and happy life for your child. The messages in this book will support you by bringing new ideas without judgment. You will be exposed to concepts that evoke thought in a way that will give you the opportunity to find what is best for your family.

2 PM
Saturday, August 6 2016
Octopus Books Glebe
116 Third Ave.

Parenting is one of the most exceptional journeys of all.  In her informative and heartfelt book, Kaeli Van Regan brings the reader a wealth of information gained from her own journey, and that of the many parents and parenting experts that she interviewed.  Woven through these different stories and perspectives common themes begin to emerge.   At the heart of this book is a message for every parent – if you lead with love you cannot go wrong!   It is through love that we will lead our children to compassion, growth and the emergence of their true and authentic self.  This book builds awareness while reminding parents that they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their children.  This refreshing and inspiring book will provide the reader with the information and inspiration to truly enjoy their journey while continuing to launch their children on their own life journey.” -Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, Parent, Child and Family Therapist, Parent Educator, Alyson Jones & Associates

About the Author

Kaeli was brought up with an appreciation of nature and gratitude for life. As a dancer she experienced the pureness of leading from the heart and living a healthy lifestyle. She has explored careers in the areas of teaching ballet and other dance forms including JourneyDance™. During her career as a Child and Youth Counselor she worked in a variety of setting including schools and detention centers. She also spent time doing leadership training for adults, youth, Co-operatives, and non-profit businesses. She has continued her education in the area of natural health and well-being, energy healing, and life coaching. Her gifts include integrating her learning and experience to help people develop in their own lives. She lives in Old Ottawa East near the beautiful Brantwood Park with her family. She and her life partner enjoy their 3 kids and are living a life of joy everyday. Kaeli enjoys being in conversation about personal expansion and achieving balance within your family. More about Kaeli:

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