On Making of Sustainable Cities (Community Classroom) with Delegates of the EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy

2016 18 May
7:00pm - 9:00pm
On Making of Sustainable Cities (Community Classroom) with Delegates of the EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy

Climate Change is one of the biggest world challenges facing us today.  A rise in global temperatures and a decline in snow and ice cover are directly linked to an increase in incidences of  natural disasters, such as severe storms, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes.

According to Dr. William Rees’ presentation and others such as this, cities are inherently unsustainable. Our urban, consumer-based lifestyle relying so heavily on non-renewable resources is a significant contributing factor to the rising temperatures. If left unchecked, not only do we run the risk of running out of fossil fuels, a continued rise in global temperatures would have enormous impacts on all forms of life.

Are there solutions?

Is it possible to live in a city where we can minimize our generation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that cause climate change?

In this community classroom, several delegates of the EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy and a local community member will share with us real world examples of their stakeholders coming together with the common goal of reducing GHG emissions. Our goal for this discussion is to inspire our community members, friends and neighbours, to actively participate in a transition to a sustainable future for all.

Please join us!

Our panelists include:

Rainer Konerding
Climate Protection Coordinator and Member of the ECOPROFIT HANNOVER Steering Group with City of Hannover, Germany -Ottawa’s partner city in the EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy. 

Janice Ashworth
Operations manager at Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Op (OREC) and one of Ottawa’s delegates to the EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy.

Angela Keller-Herzog
OREC member and investor of community-owned renewable power projects. Angela is also a member of HUB and co-chair the Environment Committee of Glebe Community Association.

MC: David Chernushenko
City councillor for Capital Ward and Chair of the City’s Environment Committee. Chernushenko has led a number of recent municipal environmental initiatives and is spearheading the City’s participation in EU-Canada Municipal Cooperation on Urban Policy.

7 PM
Wednesday, May 18 2016
Octopus Books Centretown
@25One Community
251 Bank St. 2nd floor

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This community classroom event is sponsored by Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Op (OREC)

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Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op Inc. (OREC) exists to empower Eastern Ontario residents to support the growth of the local renewable energy sector through responsible long-term investments that finance projects together as members of a democratic co-operative. For more info about OREC: http://www.ottawarenewableenergycoop.com/.

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