2018 18 Sep
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Octopus Books Community Classroom was created to promote conversations and the exchange of ideas in support of emancipation and activism. This fall, we have a few community classrooms planned with a wide range of topics. The ones confirmed are listed below. More details for each classroom will be updated as soon as we can! We ask registration for each community classroom ($10-15) in order to sustain the bookstore as a community space and also our capacity to continue offering community-based education like this. No one will be turned away! If you need support to attend one of these sessions please let us know, we are happy to accommodate you.

Thank you and please share our 2018 Fall edition of Community Classroom with your network!

Tuesday,  September 18
How technology is changing our life and the future of work with Sylvain Rochon, Futurist, Author, Serial Entrepreneur & High-Impact Speaker
Author, futurist, and serial entrepreneur Sylvain Rochon will illustrate how robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will be capable of replacing human workers within the next 25 years. Sylvain will explain the differences between the AI-assisted human work we see today and the AI of tomorrow. He’ll go over what our society and individuals can do to ensure that the transition to a world where most work is done by AI will be the best thing that could ever happen to our world. There is no reason to be scared if we have the ability, through understanding, to direct the changes ahead as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. Read More...

Wednesday, September 26
Contesting Total Institutions with Andrew Crosby and Jeff Monaghan, authors of Policing Indigenous Movements: Dissent and the Security State 
Join the authors for a discussion of how to use Access to Information (ATI) or Freedom of Information (FOI) processes to research or investigate the practices of powerful (and often secretive) governmental institutions. Read More...

Tuesday, November 13
Challenges Facing Violence Against Women Shelters in Canada with Women's Shelter Canada, Interval House of Ottawa, Maison d’amitié, and Minwaashin Lodge
This community classroom will explore the roles that violence against women shelters and transition houses play across Canada. Three local Ottawa women’s shelters will talk about the wide range of services they provide as well as the challenges they face in order to provide those services to women and children escaping violence. Women’s Shelters Canada will offer a national perspective on these issues, as well as explaining the need for a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women. Read More...

More community classrooms will be added soon! 

For more info please call 613-233-2589 or e-mail events@octopusbooks.ca

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