Mary-Lou Zeitoun presents Jamilah at the End of the World, with guest E.K. Highland

2022 06 Jul
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Join Mary-Lou Zeitoun for a reading and discussion to celebrate the launch of her latest YA novel, Jamilah at the End of the World. Mary-Lou will be joined by special guest E.K. Highland, author of the sci-fi fantasy novel A Light Beam for Faith: The Making of a Restorer.

Wednesday, July 6th, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Happy Goat Coffee Co., 35 Laurel St., Ottawa

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Jamilah knows the world is about to end, so why won’t anyone believe her?

When electricity over-consumption during a summer heat wave causes a city-wide blackout, Jamilah’s eco-anxiety kicks into high gear. After years of doomscrolling and being inundated by warnings of a looming climate change catastrophe, she knows this is it ― the end for the planet and life as she knows it. So why is no one in her family taking her plans to save them by converting the garage into a bunker, stockpiling LÄRABARs or using her university fund to buy a generator seriously? Is it really up to Jamilah to save the world on her own?

MARY-LOU ZEITOUN is a Palestinian-Canadian author, essayist, arts journalist and activist. Her novel 13 was the YA winner of the 2008 New England Book Festival award and she has had fiction published in Taddle Creek Magazine and Canadian Notes and Queries. She divides her time between Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario.

She's not waiting for a hero to come save her; instead, she becomes her own heroine.

Hazel's world comes crashing in front of her in an instant during a family trip to Mont-Tremblant. What she doesn't know is that she is from the stars, and so it's no wonder she must return in order to find the answers she seeks.

E.K. HIGHLAND is a Haitian-Canadian first-time author who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy stories. The problem is, she wants to see more diversity in those genres. While growing up in Ottawa, Canada, she felt that books and television lacked representation of more Black characters. Now she wants more characters who resemble her likeness as a Black woman. After attending the University of Ottawa in hopes of understanding English literature better, she decided to finally write her own sci-fi fantasy novel. And, you guessed it, the lead character resembles her, because representation matters.

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