Instagram takeover with Samukele Ncube

2022 29 Apr
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Instagram takeover with Samukele Ncube

Join us on Instagram on April 29 at 7pm as we present a live video takeover by Ottawa's Samukele Ncube presenting her book Things I Need to Hear Most.

In her debut collection of poetry and notes, Samukele Ncube offers readers the reassurance that they matter and they have something important to bring into the world.

Rooted in self-love, the words in this book will give you the courage to follow your own unique path by listening to the gentle guidance of your inner voice and tuning out the noise of worldly expectations.

Samukele Ncube is a Creator whose gift lies in writing. As a recovering perfectionist and overachiever, writing has been the cornerstone of her journey towards healing and in learning self-love. In a world that constantly tells us who we should be, she is a strong believer that we all have the answers that we seek to live out our life's purpose and strives to help others rediscover their internal guiding voice through her work.

"As you work through cultivating a more powerful and meaningful relationship with yourself, Things You Need To Hear Most is a perfect companion. Samukele speaks directly to the soul and spirit as she describes and shares the process of coming home to ourselves and as we learn to trust ourselves to be so much more than we ever could have imagined. These poems are necessary reading for anyone looking to deepen their relationship to self, and to their own truth." – Komal Minhas, Interviewer + Educator