Imaginations Ignite! Online kids' book events

2022 09 Jun

Eden Mills Writers' Festival presents Imaginations Ignite, a series of free online book events for kids throughout May & June. Let the teachers in your life know that they can sign their classes up for these fun events for students in grades 1 through 6!


Tues May 10, 10am - Heather M. O'Connor & Darcy Whitecrow: Runs with the Stars

For ages: 6–8 (but all animal lovers welcome)

Join the co-authors of Runs with the Stars as they read from their moving picture book about the Ojibwe Horse, the only Indigenous-bred horse in Canada. Learn the real-life inspiration for the story, meet horses from Darcy’s ranch, and discover interesting facts about Ojibwe horses.

Learning themes: Indigenous history, conservation, family, friendship

Purchase: Runs with the Stars


Tues May 24, 1pm - Carey Newman: The Witness Blanket

For ages: 9 –12 (but all welcome)

For more than 150 years, thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their families and sent to residential schools across Canada. Artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket to make sure that history is never forgotten. The Blanket is a living work of art—a collection of hundreds of objects from those schools. It includes everything from photos, bricks, hockey skates, graduation certificates, dolls and piano keys to braids of hair. Behind every piece is a story. And behind every story is a residential school Survivor, including Carey’s father.

Join co-authors Carey Newman and Kirstie Hudson as they tell the story of The Witness Blanket, and what they hope it can accomplish.

Learning themes: Race and racism, social justice, residential schools, Indigenous history, Reconciliation

Purchase: The Witness Blanket


Tues May 31, 10am - Dane Liu: Friends Are Friends, Forever

For ages: 4–8 (but all friends welcome)

Join author Dane Liu and discover a picture book based on the author’s own immigration story and inspired by the impact of friendship, love, and kindness wherever you are in the world. This event will include a craft based on the book that can be done at school or home!

Learning themes: Immigration, belonging, friendship, acceptance, kindness

Purchase: Friends Are Friends, Forever


Tues June 7, 1pm - Get the Inside Scoop: Creating Graphic Novels

For ages: 9–12 (but all aspiring artists welcome)

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into creating a graphic novel? What comes first – the art or the story? How do storyboards work? Can the colour palette affect the way the reader interacts with the story? Discover all this and more as Jade Armstrong, KC Oster, and Dom Pelletier share the steps involved in creating a graphic novel.

Learning themes: The creative process, generating ideas, developing a plan, posing questions, gathering information, exploring and experimenting with arts elements and techniques, revising/refining work, understanding audiences.

Purchase: The Lunch Club Series by Dominique Pelletier, Rabbit Chase by KC Oster, Scout is Not a Band Kid by Jade Armstong


Thrs June 9, 10am - Lawrence Hill: Beatrice and Croc Harry

For ages: 9-13 (but all adventurers welcome)

Join us for a fun and interactive event with Lawrence Hill, one of Canada’s most celebrated authors. We’ll explore the magic of Beatrice and Croc Harry, his debut novel for middle grade readers, about a brave and resilient Black girl’s search for identity and healing after she arrives in the magical forest of Argilia.

Learning themes: Race and racism, identity, friendship, resilience, intersectionality, social justice

Purchase: Beatrice and Croc Harry