Diverse Kids Lit on Instagram Live with Valene Campbell and Ekiuwa Aire

2021 16 Sep
7:30pm - 8:30pm

Join award-winning children's authors Valene Campbell and Ekiuwa Aire for a dynamic and educational virtual storytime experience! Learn about strong women leaders from ancient and present day Africa, and the importance of diverse children's literature.

As part of their Virtual Great Canadian Bookstore Tour, Valene and Ekiuwa will be taking over the Octopus Books Instagram account on September 16th at 7:30pm ET to present a storytime and Q&A session.

Ekiuwa Aire is a Nigerian-Canadian cultural connector who is passionate about building a love and knowledge of African history and culture with all kids. She founded Our Ancestories and became a storyteller when she noticed the lack of diversity in the children’s book industry, specifically regarding children’s books on African history. Ekiuwa's books, Idia of the Benin Kingdom and Njinga of Ndongo and Matamba, introduce young readers to stories of strong women leaders from African history.

Valene Campbell is Canadian-born with deep Caribbean roots hailing from Jamaica. She shares that her heritage is rich in various art forms, including poetry and storytelling. The stories in Valene's Amazing Zoe book series, including Grandma's Memory Box and A Queen Like Me, are a celebration of diversity, and she is happy that she can contribute to creating a more inclusive world for the younger generations to follow.