Corporatizing Canada: Making Business out of Public Service Book Launch

2018 19 Sep
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Corporatizing Canada: Making Business out of Public Service Book Launch

Over the past thirty years corporatization has transformed the public sector in Canada. Economic elites take control of public institutions and use business metrics to evaluate their performance, transforming public programs into corporate revenue streams. Senior managers use corporate methodology to set priorities in social services and create “market-friendly” public sector cultures. Even social activist organizations increasingly look and act like multinational corporations while non-governmental organizations pursue partnerships with the same corporations they ostensibly oppose.

Corporatizing Canada critically examines how corporatization has been implemented in different ways across the Canadian public sector, from schools to hospitals and from utilities to food banks, and warns us of the threat that neoliberal corporatization poses to democratic decision-making and the public at large.

Please join contributors Emma Lui and Erika Shaker, as well as editors Jamie Brownlee and Chris Hurl for a discussion of this book with an introduction by Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians

7:30 PM
Wednesday, September 19 2018
@ 25One Community 
(251 Bank St. 2nd floor)

Ticket: $10 or PWYC. Advanced tickets are available online or in person at Octopus Books (116 Third Ave.)

All proceeds will go to Octopus Books to cover the costs of this event.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase and to be signed.

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About the Authors

Emma Lui currently works for the Council of Canadians as the organization's national water campaigner. She is on the board of the Great Lakes organization FLOW (For Love of Water). Her primary interests are in water justice issues, such as privatization, energy development, and Indigenous solidarity.

Erika Shaker is Senior Education Researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Erika has been researching the corporatization and privatization of education since the early 1990s, and was one of the founders of the California-based Center for Commercial-free Public Education.

Jamie Brownlee currently teaches and conducts research in the areas of Canadian and international political economy, higher education, corporate crime, environmental politics and climate change, and access to information law at Carleton University. He is the author of Ruling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy, Academia Inc.: How Corporatization is Transforming Canadian Universities, and co-editor for Access to Information and Social Justice: Critical Research Strategies for Journalists, Scholars, and Activists.

Chris Hurl is the assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University. His research explores urban governance, state formation, and the politics of the public sector in Canada.