Care Of: Ivan Coyote in Conversation with Susan G. Cole

2021 05 Aug
Care Of: Ivan Coyote in Conversation with Susan G. Cole

Join Ivan Coyote for a lively, intimate and heartful conversation with Susan G. Cole, August 5th at 8pm ET. Octopus Books is pleased to be the Ottawa book seller of Care Of for this event, presented by Eden Mills Writers' Festival and Hillside Festival.

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Writer and performer Ivan Coyote has spent decades on the road, telling stories around the world. For years, Ivan has kept a file of the most special communications received from readers and audience members—letters, Facebook messages, emails, soggy handwritten notes tucked under the windshield wiper of their truck after a gig. Then came Spring, 2020, and, like artists everywhere, Coyote was grounded by the pandemic, all their planned events cancelled. The energy of a live audience, a performer’s lifeblood, was suddenly gone. But with this loss came an opportunity for a different kind of connection. Those letters that had long piled up could finally begin to be answered.

Care Of is an affirming and joyous reflection on many of the themes central to Coyote’s celebrated work—compassion and empathy, family fragility, non-binary and Trans identity, and the unending beauty of simply being alive, a giant love letter to the idea of human connection, and the power of truly listening to each other.

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