Book Signing: Cat's Cradle by Jo Rioux

2022 25 Jun
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Book Signing: Cat's Cradle by Jo Rioux

Meet Jo Rioux, Ottawa author and illustrator of the fantasy-adventure graphic novel trilogy Cat's Cradle, at an outdoor signing at Octopus Books!

Saturday June 25, 3pm-5pm
Octopus Books, 116 Third Ave in the Glebe
Order Cat's Cradle Book 1: The Golden Twine from our webstore.

Suri loves monsters—studying their lore, telling stories about them (for a fee), and—she hopes—one day taming them. Unfortunately, no one takes an orphan street-urchin who travels with a merchant camp very seriously. But Suri’s self-confidence, cleverness, and ambition serve her well when a mysterious new wagon joins her camp—holding something very big, very loud, and very monstrous.

And that’s before Suri runs afoul of a treacherous family with its own beastly secret—and a prince hunting the greatest monster of all.

Jo Rioux is an author and illustrator of children’s books. Since graduating from Sheridan College with a degree in illustration, she has created artwork for young adult books, chapter books, and picture books, but her biggest passion is comic books. She is the illustrator of M. T. Anderson’s graphic novel The Daughters of Ys.  Jo lives in the lush suburbs of Ottawa, where she spends her time drawing, reading, teasing her dog, and spinning tales of magic and monsters. See more of her artwork at