Book Launch: Verbatim By Jeff Bursey with The Cube People by Christian McPherson

2011 27 Aug
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Book Launch:
By Jeff Bursey
The Cube People
By Christian McPherson
Join us for an evening of politics without all the politics.  Octopus Books is celebrating the unsung heroes in our town, the workers who toil away on government campuses out of the spotlight of parliament hill in the darkest recesses of our great bureaucracy.  Jeff Bursey and Christian McPherson have first hand knowledge of such a life and have captured it in darkly funny books that we think every Ottawan should and will enjoy!
Jeff Bursey will be reading from his new novel Verbatim, a blackly humorous exposé of parliamentary practice in an unnamed Atlantic province.  The dirty tricks, vicious insults, and inept parliamentary procedures of the politicians are recorded by a motley crew of Hansard employees. But when the Hansard bureaucrats begin to emulate their political masters, the parliamentary system’s supposed dignity is further stripped away.
Jeff will be joined by local author Christian McPherson who will be reading from his book The Cube People.  His debut novel pokes fun at government cubicle culture through the life and times of a struggling computer programmer/novelist wannabe. McPherson surrounds his protagonist, Colin MacDonald, with a cast of screwball characters while he toils away at his government job, struggles with fertility and dreams of becoming a published writer. Recycled air, bad lighting and bizarre environmental office policies by day; scheduled love-making sessions and rejection letters by night, push MacDonald to try to write his way out of his cyclical life story.
Wine and Snacks will be served
 The store is wheelchair accessible but the washrooms are not