Book Launch of The Human Kennel and Jail Art Exhibit with Jeannette Tossounian

2016 04 May
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Book Launch of The Human Kennel and Jail Art Exhibit with Jeannette Tossounian

If you find the jail conditions covered in the news appalling, wait until you read these journals. The Human Kennel follows Jeannette Tossounian while incarcerated for two years in the notorious Vanier Centre for Women, a Detention Centre in Milton, Ontario. The endless violence, the constant abuse, the lies, the cover ups, all recorded while happening. The Human Kennel details Tossounian’s struggle for a fair court system to hear her plea of innocence for a crime she was wrongfully convicted of. Meanwhile, the jail does everything it can to make her life a living nightmare, condemning her to the tiny cells of maximum security and repeatedly throwing her in solitary confinement for standing up for her basic human rights. These journals bring you into the cell with Tossounian and share the stories of those she found herself incarcerated with. By the end of her journey, you will realize that no one is immune to being incarcerated. It could easily happen to you. 

About the Author

A life-long artist currently living somewhere in the country just outside of Ottawa, Jeannette Tossounian is known for exhibiting her creations across Canada and beyond the border. While incarcerated for 2 years, she wrote 9 books and sketched the jail issued items in her tiny cell. As an activist, she has committed to the fight for the basic human rights of those incarcerated in Canada, especially women. 

Wednesday, May 4 2016
Octopus Books Centretown
@25One Community
251 Bank St. 2nd floor

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