Book Launch: Falling Together by Donna McCart Sharkey

2021 05 May
7:00pm - 8:15pm

Join author Donna McCart Sharkey for a virtual launch of her new book, Falling Together: A family's story of mental illness and grief, with host Rachel Thibeault.

Donna McCart Sharkey anticipated building an ordinary family, and that's what happened; but mental illness and grief also happened, undermining the security of home and changing the familial experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

"Falling together: a family's story of mental illness and grief bears witness to the shame, rage, grief, and wrenching loneliness of losing a child to mental illness. But more than that, it resurrects the loved one in all her vulnerability and contradictions—joyful dancer, patient bird-whisperer, generous friend, desperate leaper from high places. Heartbreaking and beautifully written, woven with equal parts love and pain, this book will leave you with renewed respect for anyone who lives with mental illness, and renewed appreciation for the power of language to express what may seem beyond the reach of words." - Susan Olding, author of Pathologies: A Life in Essays