Book launch: Canadian Culture in a Globalized World by Garry Neil

2019 30 Oct
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Book launch: Canadian Culture in a Globalized World by Garry Neil

We're pleased to host the launch of Garry Neil's new book, Canadian Culture in a Globalized World. Please join us to celebrate this exciting new book and toast to its author! Featuring special guest speaker Maude Barlow.

October 30, 7:00pm
The Social Innovation Atelier
95 Clegg St at Main St, Ottawa

Since the first trade deal with the US in 1987, Canada has insisted on a "cultural exemption" to ensure that governments were free to protect Canadian culture and to restrict foreign ownership and limit foreign content in the media. Negotiators and government ministers considered the cultural exemption key to reassuring Canadians that the deal did not undermine our cultural sovereignty.

In every trade deal since, culture has been a contentious issue. Media giants and foreign governments have pushed for unlimited access to Canada. Ottawa has worked with cultural industries to maintain the cultural exemption.

Garry Neil has been close to every one of these negotiations, and has been a key advisor to cultural groups on trade deals. He has been part of the international initiative to assert the importance of cultural diversity in the world, and to create effective measures to guarantee it. This book reflects his experience trying to ensure that the reality matches the rhetoric when it comes to culture.

As he sees it, in spite of the claims, Canadian cultural policies and programs have been steadily restricted by successive trade deals. He explains how this has happened, and what needs to be done for Canada to maintain our cultural sovereignty and creative life in the face of multinational corporations and their government supporters who are promoting a world monoculture.

GARRY NEIL has worked for forty years in arts and cultural policy in Canada and internationally. He has consulted for governments, cultural industry firms, and non-governmental organizations. He has extensive experience in policies for television, film, publishing, performing arts, visual arts, music, and digital media. He is a global expert on how trade agreements affect cultural policy making and a member of UNESCO's Panel of Experts. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

"No one in Canada knows more than Garry Neil about cultural policy, how and why it was formed, and the impact of economic globalization on Canadian artists. He explains how so‚Äźcalled free trade agreements have narrowed the domestic cultural space, debunks the myth that they exempt culture and offers a positive vision for Canadian culture in the digital era. A timely and persuasive analysis." - Maude Barlow, Honorary Chair, Council of Canadians

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