Book Launch, “Peacemakers: how people around the world are building a world free of war” by Douglas Roche

2014 13 May
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Book Launch - Peacemakers: How people around the world are building a world free of war 
By Douglas Roche, O.C.
Published by James Lorimer & Co

5:00 pm
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Cartier Place Suite Hotel
180 Cooper St. Ottawa

Please RSVP by May 11, 2014.
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About the Book

A world without war: this is the vision that Douglas Roche has pursued for decades. A long-time Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament, then Canadian ambassador for disarmament, and later a senator, Roche has been in the thick of international affairs for more than forty years.

Though few of us realize it, today the world is more peaceful than in past centuries. Death and destruction due to war have diminished dramatically in the past two decades. This is no accident – it is the cumulative result of the work of the world's peacemakers. Sometimes in public, often behind the scenes, talented high achievers are waging a campaign for peace that is in ascendance over the warlike intentions of the arms industry, military generals, and aggressive government leaders.
Neither Roche nor the peacemakers shy away from the thorniest issues the world faces – including the threat posed by nuclear weapons, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and multiple threats of cultural violence. Roche shows how new ideas such as the responsibility to protect innocent civilians from genocide or armed attack by their own government, and new institutions such as the International Criminal Court are moving the world along the path to the end of war.
To tell this story, Roche profiles some leading peacemakers of our time and the work they are doing, and interviews keen observers of world politics who offer informed commentary on the work of the peacemakers. You will meet former prime ministers and foreign ministers, senior UN officials, religious figures, women's organization leaders, and activists. Few are household names. Roche documents the many successes of the past two decades in reducing conflict in the world, and in creating structures and institutions which are making war less likely and more difficult for states to initiate.

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