Awaiting Winter's End Children's Book with Cindy Missen Ross

2015 07 Nov
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Awaiting Winter's End Children's Book with Cindy Missen Ross

Do you love to cuddle up with your child and share books that are not only fun to read but that also inspire questions and promote further investigation? 

Cindy Missen Ross' new children's book Awaiting Winter's End, Illustrated by Ottawa artist Steph Ross, might be for you and your child! 

Awaiting Winter's End is a non-fiction book written with very young children (K to Grade 2) in mind. It is themed for autumn with the focus on hibernation, migration and adaptation of nine "mystery creatures" that challenge the kids to guess based upon visual and auditory clues.

 “Winter is coming!” the weather man said.
What will wild creatures do during the cold months ahead?
Whether they have fur, or a shell or fly on their wings,
They all have to stay warm waiting for spring!

Join us for a fun Saturday afternoon to guess these 9 mystery creatures!

2 PM
Saturday, November 7 2015
Octopus Books Glebe
116 Third Ave.

About the Author

Cindy Missen Ross lives in a busy home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her husband John, two adult children Steph and Dan, a skinny pig named Daphne, a bearded dragon named Atticus, a cockatiel named Jakers and two noisy budgies named Leonard and Sherlock. Cindy gets kids excited about science, presenting interactive, hands-on science workshops for Scientists in School, a Canadian science charity for kids. Her passion is all about making science accessible and fun.

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