A Conversation with Jim Merkel, author of “Radical Simplicity”

2015 02 May
A Conversation with Jim Merkel, author of “Radical Simplicity”

The ‘Degrowth Paradigm’ is gaining steam here and abroad as individuals grapple with a planet heading toward certain peril. In this presentation, Jim Merkel, author of Radical Simplicity, will discuss why the ‘Growth is Good’ and ‘Growth is Necessary’ assumptions are now being challenged. He will show examples of wonderful lives and healthy communities that have reversed the growth trend lines.

Merkel will discuss how Degrowth in the wealthy nations — smaller families, smaller footprints, smaller cars, smaller salaries, and less consumption need to accompany the eradication of poverty worldwide. Over a billion humans actually need more food, housing, health care, and education.

This program will explore a compassionate response to our planet’s most pressing problems. We now have the opportunity to end wars, eradicate poverty and turn around global warming.  Come find out how this is possible.

1:30 pm
Saturday, May 2 2015
Ottawa Public Library Main Auditorium

More info: http://350ottawa.org/events/event/noted-author-talks-radical-simplicity/

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