2013 28 Mar

The Elliot Extravaganza and the World

Every year on April 6, Octopus Books marks the occasion of our dear Elliot’s birthday with a super sale of 30% off everything.

And every year around this time we mark 20% off all kids books.

And then of course we also have the one and only Elliot Extravaganza, a festival dedicated to celebrating Elliot and all things kid. We have story time, and cake, and every kid gets a free book. This year the Extravaganza is on Saturday, April 20.

This is the 10th annual Elliot Extravaganza – and this means our dear Elliot is turning 10 years old. Double digits. Heading into the teenage years, and you know what that means. That means he will be able to talk back, and rebel against adult bullshit and think for himself.

And we say, more power to him. More power to Elliot and all the other kids turning 10 this year. More power to all the beautiful kids in our lives and in our world. More power to our girls and our boys!

The world Elliot and his friends are inheriting is in a shambles. Our political systems are failing (most of) us. Our economic systems are failing (most of) us. And our very life-support systems of dear old planet Earth are failing (all of) us.

Despite all this, we carry on. We might not “keep calm” but we do carry on. In fact, these are not the days to keep calm. These are the days to freak the heck out.

Heck, there’s plenty of things for Octopus Books to freak the heck out about. The last ten years has seen profound change in the book industry, from big box stores selling knick-knacks to online retailing to ereaders. Local, independent bookstores are closing in communities across the country.

Lookit, we could all just blame the tech change and the shifting business model of the book business. But there is more to the story. All these forces, powerful as they are, are just symptoms. What’s really being strained is our capacity for, and commitment to, community.

And community is the thing that Octopus Books will freak the heck out about, and carry on for! With all our slimy, grippy tentacles.

That is exactly why we have events like the Elliot Extravaganza: to build community. To foster, nurture and preserve the love of books and reading and togetherness in a world gone mad for screens and isolation and disembodied consumption. It’s a tall order, and we set high standards for ourselves, but our children deserve nothing less.

Left to their own devices, as it were, children will come together, learn how to get along, share and play. If only grown-ups were as smart as the average ten-year-old!

Join us for this year’s 10th Annual Elliot Extravaganza. Share in the joy of books and storytime and cake. Get down on the floor, get dirty and laugh like the world is worth fighting for.

And don’t forget to check out the sales!

See you April 6 for 30% off everything!

See you April 7-19 for 20% off all kids books!

See you April 20 for the Elliot Extravaganza!

And Happy Birthday Elliot – and all kids, large and small, growing up in a freaky world. 

Oh, and don’t forget this year’s Sadie Spectacular coming up in June! Stay tuned for details...




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