Community Classroom

The goal of Octopus Books Community Classroom is to create an environment for community and knowledge building. It is a space to share experiences and talk about what matters to us collectively. It is also a space to promote democratic participation. Under our current political and socio-economic climate, talking to each other in a caring and loving environment has become crucially necessary to overcome a sense of despair, expand our imagination and build solidarity. So that we can continue our work for justice.

Our community classroom is also an avenue for you to support your friendly independent bookstore! We require registration for each community classroom for a fee ($10-15). Your financial support allows us to sustain the bookstore as a community space for knowledge exchange and our capacity to provide community-based education like this.  


What we offered so far:

If you have any questions or would like to share your ideas for a community classroom please feel free to contact us at

"Conversation is a source of power" - bell hooks

"Talking kept us trusting. Trusting one another secures our sense of hope in the future." - Lee Maracle in Celia's Song

** This idea is inspired by a similar initiative at McNally Robinson, an independent bookstore in Winnipeg and Saskatoon.