The Illustrated Feminist (Postcard Book)

The Illustrated Feminist (Postcard Book)

February 11, 2020 | 100 pages

50 unique postcards celebrating a century of feminism in America Share and send your story with The Illustrated Feminist Postcards, a book of 50 postcards that present a chronological visual history of the feminist movement. Featuring artwork by Aura Lewis, each card depicts a milestone feminist achievement on the front and includes a caption on the back. Discover feminist heroes and revisit extraordinary events, from the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the first women's baseball league, from the riot grrrls of the '90s to the 2017 women's march. Whether you're mailing your friends or writing your representatives, The Illustrated Feminist Postcards book is here to deliver feminism for you. Special Features 50 removable postcards Bound in a giftable, hardcover book Check out the rest of the series: The Illustrated Feminist and 50 Lists for Feminists.

ISBN: 9781419741425

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