Myanmar's Enemy Within

Myanmar's Enemy Within

Zed Books | June 15, 2019 | 456 pages

In 2017, Myanmar's military launched a campaign of violenceagainst the Rohingya minority that UN experts later said amounted to agenocide. More than seven hundred thousand civilians fled to Bangladesh in whatbecame the most concentrated flight of refugees since the Rwanda genocide of1994. The warning signs of impending catastrophe that had built over years weredownplayed by Western backers of the political transition, and only when theexodus began did the world finally come to acknowledge a catastrophe that hadbeen long in the making. In this updated edition of the book that foreshadowed a genocide,Francis Wade explores how the manipulation of identities by an anxious rulingelite laid the foundations for mass violence. It asks: who gets to define anation? How can democratic rights be weaponised against a minority? And why, ata time when the majority of citizens in Myanmar had begun to experiencefreedoms unseen for half a century, did much-lauded civilian leaders like AungSan Suu Kyi become complicit in the most heinous of crimes?

ISBN: 9781786995773

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