I Am a Japanese Writer  

I Am a Japanese Writer
Course Codes:  CDNS 5003 / CLMD 6102
Professor:  Catherine Khordoc
Douglas & McIntyre | April 22, 2021 | 182 pages
ISBN: 9781553655831

A devilishly intelligent new novel by the internationally bestselling author and Prix Médicis winner A black writer from Montreal has found the perfect title for his next book I Am a Japanese Writer. His publisher loves it and gives him an advance. The problem is, he can't seem to write a word of it. He nurses his writer's block by taking baths, re-reading the Japanese poet Basho and engaging in amorous intrigues with rising pop star Midori. The book, still unwritten, becomes a cult phenomenon in Japan, and the writer an international celebrity. A Japanese writer publishes a book called I Am a Malagasy Writer. Even the Japanese consulate is intrigued. Our hero is delighted--until things start to go wrong. Part postmodern fantasy, part Kafkaesque nightmare and part travelogue to the inner reaches of the self, I Am a Japanese Writer calls into question everything we think we know about what-and who-makes a work of art