Do Not Say We Have Nothing  

Do Not Say We Have Nothing
Course Codes:  CDNS 5003 / CLMD 6102
Professor:  Catherine Khordoc
Vintage Books Canada | July 18, 2017 | 480 pages
ISBN: 9780345810434

At the centre of this epic tale are enigmatic Sparrow, a genius composer who wishes desperately to create music yet can find truth only in silence; his mother and aunt, Big Mother Knife and Swirl, survivors with captivating singing voices and an unbreakable bond; Sparrow's ethereal cousin Zhuli, daughter of Swirl and storyteller Wen the Dreamer, who as a child witnesses the denunciation of her parents and as a young woman becomes the target of denunciations herself; and headstrong, talented Kai, best friend of Sparrow and Zhuli, and a determinedly successful musician who is a virtuoso at maski