Books published by Univ of British Columbia Pr

Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy

Univ of British Columbia Pr | December 1, 2010 | 294 pages
The passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007 focused attention on the ways in which Indigenous peoples are adapting to the pressures of globalization and development. This volume extends the discussion by presenting case studies from around the world that explore... More Info

Indigenous storywork

Univ of British Columbia Pr | June 1, 2008 | 176 pages
Jo-ann Archibald worked closely with Coast Salish Elders andstorytellers, who shared both traditional and personal life-experiencestories, in order to develop ways of bringing storytelling intoeducational contexts. Indigenous Storyworkis the result ofthis research and it demonstrates how stories... More Info

Urbanizing Frontiers

Univ of British Columbia Pr | July 1, 2010 | 317 pages
An innovative study that reconceptualizes the frontier as urban space by comparing the lives of Indigenous peoples and settlers in two colonial cities.  More Info

Paradoxes of Peacebuilding Post-9/11

Univ of British Columbia Pr | February 28, 2009 | 376 pages
What kind of peace is possible in the post-9/11 world? Is sustainable peace an illusion in a world where foreign military interventions are replacing peace negotiations as starting points for postwar reconstruction? What would it take to achieve durable peace in contexts as different as... More Info

Bar Codes

Univ of British Columbia Pr | August 30, 2007 | 242 pages
Examines women lawyers' attempts to reconcile their professional obligations with other aspects of their lives; charts the life courses of women who constitute a first wave -- an avant-garde -- in a profession designed by men, for men, where formal codes of conduct and subtle cultural norms promote... More Info

Street protests and fantasy parks

Univ of British Columbia Pr | May 1, 2002 | 184 pages
While global processes are fusing societies and economies more deeply than ever before, the editors argue that obituaries for the state are premature, if not wholly inappropriate. These essays examine a series of compelling case studies--the entertainment industry, citizenship, social activism, and... More Info

Being Again of One Mind

Univ of British Columbia Pr | June 27, 2011 | 216 pages
Being Again of One Mind combines the narratives of Oneida women of various generations with a critical reading of feminist literature on nationalism to reveal that some Indigenous women view nationalism in the form of decolonization as a way to restore traditional gender balance and well-being to... More Info

Lament for a First Nation

Univ of British Columbia Pr | February 28, 2009 | 352 pages
In a 1994 decision known as Howard, the Supreme Court of Canada held that the Aboriginal signatories to the 1923 Williams Treaties had knowingly given up not only their title to off-reserve lands but also their treaty rights to hunt and fish for food. No other First Nations in Canada have ever been... More Info

What is water?

Univ of British Columbia Pr | February 10, 2010 | 333 pages
"We all know what water is, and we often take it for granted. But the spectre of a worldwide water crisis suggests there might be something fundamentally wrong with the way we think about water. Jamie Linton dives into the history of water as an abstractconcept, stripped of its environmental,... More Info