Books published by Tsar Publications

Dancing in the Dust

Tsar Publications | January 1, 2002 | 189 pages
Is is the turbulent 1980s in apartheid South Africa, when even ordinary life is full of danger and uncertainty. What will tomorrow bring? Tihelo, a thirteen-year-old girl, lives with her older sister Keitumetse and ther mother Kgomotso in a township outside Pretoria. Kgomotso works as a maid for a... More Info

Turkish Delight, Montreal Winter

Tsar Publications | August 18, 2019 | 82 pages
Poetry. Middle Eastern Studies. TURKISH DELIGHT, MONTREAL WINTER takes the reader from Lebanon's olive groves to Montreal's frigid winters and underground malls. These closely connected poems present a narrative threaded with the rich traditions of the Middle East, from its dazzling varied food to... More Info

Travelogue of the Bereaved

Tsar Publications | April 14, 2014 | 94 pages
Poetry. African & African American Studies. These poems challenge the notion of "home" for persons of African descent born outside the continent. Closely attentive to form and content, narrative and emotion, history and the contemporary, they tell stories that are little known--the lives of... More Info

Belonging and Banishment

Tsar Publications | August 18, 2019 | 147 pages
A variety of Canadian voices come together here to explore some of the vital issues facing Muslims in Canada. Who, indeed, is a Canadian Muslim? This is only one of the fundamental questions addressed in this volume.The authors are from diverse ethnic backgrounds, hail from coast to coast, and... More Info

Blues from the Malabar Coast

Tsar Publications | January 1, 2002 | 135 pages
Short Fiction. Asian American Studies. These twelve delightful linked stories begin in a small village on India's Malabar coast. The Variyars are a traditional matriarchal family, large and close knit, their children are numerous and spoilt, and life revolves around the temple and its rituals. The... More Info