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Place in Research

Routledge | December 21, 2016 |
Bridging environmental and Indigenous studies and drawing on critical geography, spatial theory, new materialist theory, and decolonizing theory, this dynamic volume examines the sometimes overlooked significance of place in social science research. There are often important divergences and even... More Info

Psychological Torture

Routledge | August 2, 2016 | 434 pages
Sadly, it is highly likely that psychological torture is committed by governments worldwide and yet, notwithstanding the serious moral questions that this disturbing and elusive concept raises, and research in the area so limited, there is no operational or legal definition. This pioneering new... More Info

The Routledge Handbook of Multilingualism

Routledge | April 28, 2015 | 592 pages
The Routledge Handbook of Multilingualism provides a comprehensive survey of the field of multilingualism for a global readership, and an overview of the research which situates multilingualism in its social, cultural and political context. The handbook includes an introduction and five sections... More Info

Researching Multilingualism

Routledge | November 17, 2016 | 284 pages
"This volume builds on research activities that were developed under the auspices of a research capacity-building project (May 2010 to April 2013) entitled: Researching multilingualism, multilingualism in research practice.The final conference for this project was held on the 25th and 26th March,... More Info


Routledge | September 10, 2018 | 158 pages
Phenomenology: The Basics is a concise and engaging introduction to one of the dominant philosophical movements of the 20th century. This lively and lucid book provides an introduction to the essential phenomenological concepts that are crucial for understanding great thinkers such as Husserl,... More Info

Aerial Propaganda and the Wartime Occupation of France 1914¿18

Routledge | June 8, 2018 |
Aerial Propaganda and the Wartime Occupation of France, 1914-1918 explores the combined role played by the French and British Governments and Armies in creating and distributing millions of aerial newspapers and leaflets aimed at the French population trapped behind German lines.  More Info

John Dewey

Routledge | October 6, 2017 | 209 pages
Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Series Editor Foreword -- Preface -- 1 Why Read Dewey Today? -- 2 Dewey's Life and Intellectual Trajectory -- 3 Dewey and Pragmatism -- 4 Philosophical Themes -- 5 Dewey's Forgotten Psychology Reactualized -- 6 Ethical... More Info

Russian Aviation, Space Flight and Visual Culture

Routledge | April 10, 2018 | 296 pages
Among the many successes of the Soviet Union were inaugural space flight--ahead of the United States--and many other triumphs related to aviation. Aviators and cosmonauts enjoyed heroic status in the Soviet Union, and provided supports of the Soviet project with iconic figures which could be used... More Info

Logic: The Basics

Routledge | February 14, 2017 | 288 pages
Logic: The Basicsis an accessible introduction to several core areas of logic. The first part of the book features a self-contained introduction to the standard topics in classical logic, such as: � mathematical preliminaries � propositional logic � quantified logic (first monadic, then... More Info

Public History

Routledge | May 11, 2016 | 298 pages
Public History: A Textbook of Practiceis a guide to the many challenges historians face while teaching, learning, and practicing public history. Historians can play a dynamic and essential role in contributing to public understanding of the past, and those who work in historic preservation, in... More Info


Routledge | August 1, 2015 | 272 pages
Jürgen Habermas is one of the most important German philosophers and social theorists of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. His work has been compared in scope with Max Weber's, and in philosophical breadth to that of Kant and Hegel. In this much-needed introduction Kenneth Baynes... More Info

Feminist Theory

Routledge | September 26, 2014 | 179 pages
When Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center was first published in 1984, it was welcomed and praised by feminist thinkers who wanted a new vision. Even so, individual readers frequently found the theory "unsettling" or "provocative." Today, the blueprint for feminist movement presented in the book... More Info

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 228 pages
The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is one of the most enduring and complex in the modern world. But, why did the conflict break out? Who is demanding what, and why is peace so difficult to achieve? The Israeli-Palestinian Conflicttackles the subject and analyses the conflict from its... More Info

The Energy of Nations

Routledge | October 15, 2013 | 200 pages
The economies of tomorrow must function in energy terms in the face of systemic global threats that are mostly ignored or very incompletely understood across society. This book focuses on the fuelling of tomorrow's world as both an analysis and a vision. It addresses the global risk of an impending... More Info

Embodied Cognition

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 237 pages
Embodied cognition often challenges standard cognitive science. In this outstanding introduction, Lawrence Shapiro sets out the central themes and debates surrounding embodied cognition, explaining and assessing the work of many of the key figures in the field, including George Lakoff, Alva Noe,... More Info

Where We Stand

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 164 pages
Publisher Fact Sheet A noted feminist's previously unpublished personal reflections on race & class.  More Info


Routledge | July 13, 2013 | 480 pages
This second edition of David W. Smith's stimulating introduction to Husserl has been revised and updated throughout, and includes a new chapter on contemporary critiques of Husserl's phenomenology. It introduces the whole of Edmund Husserl's thought, demonstrating his influence on philosophy of... More Info

On Music

Routledge | May 31, 2013 | 168 pages
Opinionated and example-filled, this extremely concise and accessible book provides a survey of some fundamental and longstanding debates about the nature of music. The central arguments and ideas of historical and contemporary philosophers are presented with the goal of making them as accessible... More Info

Pederasts and Others

Routledge | August 1, 2004 | 258 pages
Examine how a community of support in Nineteenth-Century Paris became a blueprint for modern sexual identity! A unique social history, Pederasts and Others: Urban Culture and Sexual Identity in Nineteenth-Century Paris is a valuable addition to the growing field of gay and lesbian studies.  More Info

Before Stonewall

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 424 pages
Explore the early history of the gay rights movement! In the words of editor Vern L. Bullough: “Although there was no single leader in the gay and lesbian community who achieved the fame and reputation of Martin Luther King, there were a large number of activists who put their careers and... More Info

Gay and Lesbian Asia

Routledge | February 1, 2001 | 280 pages
How do Asian cultures construct queer genders, sexualities, and eroticism? Gay and Lesbian Asia demonstrates the astonishing diversity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered identities in countries including Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.... More Info

Two Spirit People

Routledge | August 18, 1997 | 116 pages
Two Spirit People is the first-ever look at social science research exploration into the lives of American Indian lesbian women and gay men. Editor Lester B. Brown posits six gender styles in traditional American Indian culture: men and women, not-men and not-women (persons of one biological sex... More Info

Male bodies, women's souls

Routledge | February 6, 2007 | 181 pages
No summary available.


Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 439 pages
In this outstanding introduction, Paul Guyer uses Kant's central conception of autonomy as the key to all the major aspects and issues of Kant's thought. Beginning with a helpful overview of Kant's life and times, Guyer introduces Kant's metaphysics and epistemology, carefully explaining his... More Info

Eternity's Sunrise

Routledge | April 27, 2011 | 248 pages
Following on from A Life of One'¬"s Ownand An Experiment in Leisure, Eternity'¬"s Sunriseexplores Marion Milner'¬" s way of keeping a diary. Recording small private moments, she builds up a store of '¬Übead memories'¬". A carved duck, a sprig of asphodel , moments captured in her travels in... More Info

After The Open Society

Routledge | October 13, 2011 | 493 pages
In this long-awaited volume, Jeremy Shearmur and Piers Norris Turner bring to light Popper's most important unpublished and uncollected writings from the time of The Open Society until his death in 1994. After The Open Society: Selected Social and Political Writings reveals the development of... More Info

Twenty-First Century Intelligence

Routledge | April 22, 2008 | 212 pages
Twenty-First Century Intelligence collects the thinking of some of the foremost experts on the future of intelligence in our new century. The essays contained in this volume are set against the backdrop of the transforming events of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Intelligence plays a central... More Info

Environmentalism Since 1945

Routledge | October 31, 2011 | 124 pages
Today environmental issues are part of daily life, a feature of the modern world almost everyone now recognises. Contemporary environmentalism has promoted a way of speaking and thinking about the environment that was not possible or imaginable decades ago. Environmentalism Since 1945 provides a... More Info

Revolutions in Development Inquiry

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 232 pages
Robert Chambers draws together and reviews the revolutionary changes in the methodologies and methods of development inquiry that have occurred and reflects on their transformative potential for the future.  More Info

Colloquial Danish Pack

Routledge | July 16, 2007 | 296 pages
‘If you want to get to grips further with any of the [European] languages, Routledge’s Colloquial series is the best place you could start.’ Rough Guide to Europe COLLOQUIAL DANISH is easy to use and completely up to date! Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use,... More Info