Books published by Pajama Press Inc.


Paula Knows What to Do

Pajama Press Inc. | March 29, 2019 | 32 pages
One Saturday morning, Daddy won’t get out of bed. He misses Paula’s mom. Paula misses her too, but she realizes that Mommy wouldn’t want them to be sad forever. Paula knows just what to do. Taking out paper and paints, Paula creates a world of rolling seas, blue skies, and—best of all—a... More Info

Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life

Pajama Press Inc. | February 22, 2019 | 160 pages
It’s not every day you encounter a hamster experiencing an existential crisis, but Sapphire has spent her short pet-store life convinced that she’s waiting for…something. At first she thinks it’s to be FREE, but it may be possible that life has a greater purpose in store—a purpose... More Info

A Brush Full of Colour

Pajama Press Inc. | March 1, 2015 | 40 pages
Ted Harrison’s brightly coloured and wildly imaginative paintings set in the Yukon have become synonymous with the North. His instantly-recognizable images of the land of the midnight sun hang in galleries and private collections around the world. But how did a boy who grew up in a drab mining... More Info