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The Decameron

Oxford Paperbacks | May 8, 2008 | 752 pages
The Decameron (c.1351) was written in the wake of the Black Death, a shattering epidemic which had shaken Florence's confident entrepreneurial society to its core. n a country villa outside the city, ten young noble men and women who have escaped the plague decide to tell each other stories.... More Info

Defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, Crito

By Plato,
Oxford Paperbacks | May 8, 2008 | 160 pages
These new translations of the Defence of Socrates, the Euthyphro, and the Crito present Plato's remarkable dramatizations of the momentous events surrounding the trial of Socrates in 399 BC, on charges of irreligion and corrupting the young. They form a dramatic and thematic sequence, raising... More Info


Oxford Paperbacks | September 11, 2008 | 576 pages
He that is to govern a whole nation, must read in himself, not this, or that particular man; but mankind. Leviathan is both a magnificent literary achievement and the greatest work of political philosophy in the English language. Permanently challenging, it has found new applications and new... More Info

The Communist Manifesto

Oxford Paperbacks | April 17, 2008 | 96 pages
The Communist Manifesto is one of the most influential pieces of political propaganda ever written. It is a summary of the whole Marxist vision of history and is the foundation document of the Marxist movement. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were aged 29 and 27 respectively when The Communist... More Info

The Tale of Sinuhe

Oxford Paperbacks | March 26, 2009 | 336 pages
The Tale of Sinuhe, from c.1875 BC, has been acclaimed as the supreme masterpiece of Ancient Egyptian poetry, a perfect fusion of monumental, dramatic, and lyrical styles, and a passionate probing of its culture's ideals and anxieties. This anthology contains all the substantial surviving works... More Info

Logic: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford Paperbacks | October 12, 2000 | 160 pages
This book is an introduction to modern formal logic. It is not a text book, however, but explores the philosophical roots of the subject. Each chapter takes some philosophical problem or logical conundrum, and explains how it may be handled in light of modern logic.  More Info


Oxford Paperbacks | August 22, 2002 | 160 pages
A great deal of the world's history is the history of empires. And although the great historic imperial systems - the land-based Russian one as well as the seaborne empires of western European powers - have collapsed during the past half century, their legacies shape almost every aspect of life on... More Info

The Princesse de Clèves

Oxford Paperbacks | September 11, 2008 | 288 pages
Poised between the fading world of chivalric romance and a new psychological realism, Madame de Lafayette's novel of passion and self-deception marks a turning point in the history of the novel. When it first appeared - anonymously - in 1678 in the heyday of French classicism, it aroused fierce... More Info

The Oxford Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Oxford Paperbacks | April 17, 2008 | 256 pages
Twelfth Night is one of the most popular of Shakespeare's plays in performance, and this edition emphasizes its theatrical qualities in both the introduction and the full and detailed commentary. Where the original music has not survived, James Walker has composed settings compatible with the... More Info


Oxford Paperbacks | January 29, 2009 | 464 pages
Nana opens in 1867, the year of the World Fair, when Paris, thronged by a cosmopolitan élite, was la Ville Lumière, a perfect victim for Zola's scathing denunciation of hypocrisy and fin-de-siècle moral corruption. The fate of Nana, the Helen of Troy of the Second Empire, and daughter of the... More Info