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Justice League Classic: I Am Green Lantern

HarperCollins | August 27, 2013 | 32 pages
Fans of the Man of Steel and the Batman Classic books will love seeing their favorite super heroes alongside their super friends in DC Comics’ Justice League books. I Can Read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. Justice League Classic: I Am Green Lantern is a Level Two I Can Read... More Info

The Spindlers

HarperCollins | August 27, 2013 | 272 pages
Evocative of Alice in Wonderland, this novel from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver is a bewitching story about the reaches of loyalty and the enduring power of hope. Looking across the breakfast table one morning, twelve-year-old Liza feels dread wash over her. Although her younger... More Info

The Fall of Five

Harpercollins Childrens Books | August 27, 2013 | 416 pages
A latest entry in the best-selling series that includes I Am Number Four finds the Garde hopelessly outmatched by the annihilating Mogadorian ruler and drawing unexpectedly close to finding the last remaining member of their group of alien survivors. 500,000 first printing.  More Info


Harpercollins Childrens Books | August 20, 2013 | 320 pages
"Three teens at a summer program for gifted students uncover shocking secets in the sanatorium-turned-dorm where they're staying--secrets that link them all to the asylum's dark past"--  More Info

Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person

HarperCollins | April 25, 2006 | 144 pages
a cartoonist examines her experience with breast cancer in an irreverent and humorous graphic memoir.  More Info

Digger the Dinosaur

HarperCollins | July 30, 2013 | 24 pages
Meet Digger the Dinosaur, a delightful new I Can Read character. Digger may be huge, but he has the heart of a preschooler. He loves to help, but gets mixed up a lot. In Digger the Dinosaur, Digger wants to play baseball with his friends. But he isn’t allowed to go out until he’s cleaned his... More Info

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories

Harpercollins Childrens Books | July 23, 2013 | 416 pages
The perfect companion book to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories is a collection of three action-packed novellas that share stories the Mogadorians don't want you to know about the inner workings of their regime as well as how... More Info

Pony Scouts: Blue Ribbon Day

HarperCollins | July 23, 2013 | 32 pages
In Pony Scouts: Blue Ribbon Day, the eighth book in the Pony Scouts series, horse-loving Meg, Jill, and Amy are thrilled to be going to the county fair. They get to help Jill's mom prepare the ponies for the driving class competition. And they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy lots of fair fun and... More Info

The Bell Between Worlds

HarperCollins Children's Books | June 1, 2013 | 512 pages
A glorious epic fantasy in the grand tradition of CS Lewis and Philip Pullman, and a major publishing event, The Mirror Chronicles will take you into another world, and on the adventure of your lifetime…  More Info

Feeling Good

HarperCollins | April 6, 1999 | 736 pages
The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other ′black holes′ of depression can be cured without drugs. In Feeling Good, eminent psychiatrist David D. Burns, M.D. outlines the remarkable, scientifically proven techniques that will immediately lift... More Info

My New Teacher and Me!

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 40 pages
"Weird Al" Yankovic's new tale of Billy, the irrepressible star of the New York Times bestselling When I Grow Up, is an uproarious back-to-school delight. Dazzling wordplay and sparkling rhyme combine in a unique appreciation of the rewards of unabashed originality and the special joy of viewing... More Info

My Weird Writing Tips

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 128 pages
No summary available.

Diary of a Worm: Teacher's Pet

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 32 pages
No summary available.

First Day of School

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 40 pages
No summary available.

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon?

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 32 pages
Kids already love Charlie the Ranch Dog from the humorous picture books by Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. Now hard-working, bacon-loving basset hound Charlie is starring in a series of illustrated books for beginning readers. In Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon?, a new dog comes to visit.... More Info

Clark the Shark

HarperCollins | June 25, 2013 | 32 pages
Clark the Shark is a great read-aloud picture book, with fun rhythm and rhyme, from the ever-popular Bruce Hale and Guy Francis. Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and BOOM. Clark zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. Clark loves life—but when his enthusiasm is... More Info

Mia and the Girl with a Twirl

HarperCollins | June 11, 2013 | 32 pages
No summary available.


HarperCollins | June 11, 2013 | 32 pages
This is Ruff. Ruff loves to be busy. But if he's busy in his backyard all alone, where's the fun in that? Discover Ruff, a busy little dog who is looking for friends. Caroline Jayne Church's lively characters, combined with her fresh illustration style, make Ruff! a sweet little story with a big... More Info

Sticky, Sticky, Stuck!

HarperCollins | June 4, 2013 | 32 pages
Annie is always sticky. Her hands are sticky, her ears are sticky, her hair is sticky. . . . She's even sticky in the bath! One day, Annie gets hungry for a snack, but her busy family just doesn't have the time to make one for her. Annie decides she'll make one herself . . . and what unfolds is the... More Info

The Familiars #3: Circle of Heroes

HarperCollins | June 4, 2013 | 352 pages
With Vastia under attack from Paksahara's zombie army, the familiars Aldwyn the cat, Skylar the blue jay, and Gilbert the tree frog must gather seven descendants from the most ancient and powerful animals in the queendom to bring Paksahara down.  More Info

Collins complete works of Oscar Wilde

HarperCollins UK | June 18, 2019 | 1268 pages
A comprehensive collection of Wilde's works including poems, plays, letters, essays, and stories.  More Info

The Fall Of Arthur

HarperCollins | June 5, 2013 | 256 pages
The world first publication of a previously unknown work by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the extraordinary story of the final days of England’s legendary hero, King Arthur.  More Info

Flat Stanley Goes Camping

HarperCollins | May 28, 2013 | 32 pages
When Flat Stanley's mood is a little . . . flat, his family decides it's time for a camping trip. But Stanley's outdoor vacation is more adventurous than anyone expected!  More Info

It Was Not Me

HarperCollins Children's Books | May 7, 2013 | 32 pages
Meet the Hueys - a fabulously quirky group of characters from international bestselling, award-winning author/illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, creator of How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found.  More Info

Splat the Cat: A Whale of a Tale

HarperCollins | May 21, 2013 | 32 pages
Splat's family is going to the beach—and Splat can't wait to find a shell with the sound of the sea inside! But when all he finds are broken shells, can a friend in the ocean help save the day?  More Info

Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach

HarperCollins | May 21, 2013 | 32 pages
It's a hot summer day, and Pete and his mom and brother are going to the beach! Pete loves the beach, but the waves make the water look scary. When his brother Bob offers to give him a surfing lesson, will Pete give it a try?  More Info

The School for Good and Evil

HarperCollins | May 14, 2013 | 400 pages
At the School for Good and Evil, failing your fairy tale is not an option. Welcome to the School for Good and Evil, where best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. With her glass slippers and devotion to good deeds, Sophie knows she'll earn top marks at the... More Info

The Cabinet of Earths

HarperCollins | May 14, 2013 | 288 pages
No summary available.

Justice League Classic: I Am Aquaman

HarperCollins | May 7, 2013 | 32 pages
Kids who love Superman and Batman Classic storybooks will be excited to find their favorite super heroes along with their super friends featured in a new Justice League adventure! In I Am Aquaman, the members of the Justice League travel to Atlantis to visit their friend King Arthur. While there,... More Info

Survivors #1: The Empty City

HarperCollins | May 7, 2013 | 304 pages
The time has come for dogs to rule the wild. Lucky has always been a Lone Dog, but when the Big Growl strikes, his whole world changes. With enemies at every turn, Lucky knows he can't survive on his own, and he falls in with a Pack. He's not sure he's ready to rely on other dogs—or have them... More Info

Big Nate: Genius Mode

HarperCollins | May 7, 2013 | 224 pages
The third Big Nate comic compilation in the New York Times bestselling series by Lincoln Peirce! Big Nate is a New York Times bestseller and the star of his own comic strip! Here comes the latest comic compilation from Lincoln Peirce, all about king of detention and cartooning genius Nate Wright!... More Info

Applewhites at Wit's End

HarperCollins | April 30, 2013 | 288 pages
Jack Semple and E.D. Applewhite are back, in this middle-grade sequel to Stephanie S. Tolan’s Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites. Teenager E.D., the not so artistic, not at all eccentric member of the unconventional Applewhite clan, can't believe the plan her father has hatched to save... More Info

Llama Drama

HarperCollins Children's Books | March 1, 2013 | 192 pages
The seventh animal in the hilarious AWESOME ANIMALS series – awesome adventures with the wildest wildlife.  More Info

Dream of Lights

HarperCollins Children's Books | April 23, 2013 | 320 pages
A powerful and moving stand-alone novel for anyone who loved A GATHERING LIGHT or BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY, in which a teenage girl struggles against the odds for survival in a North Korean prison camp… From the author of A Brighter Fear.  More Info

The Fix

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 288 pages
Addictions to iphones, painkillers, cupcakes, alcohol and sex are taking over our lives.  More Info

Tim, Ted and the Pirates

Harpercollins Pub Limited | September 1, 2006 | 32 pages
While Miss Wait reads a story to the class, Tim imagines that he and his stuffed animal Ted go on an adventure and meet pirates.  More Info

Pinkalicious: Puptastic!

HarperCollins | April 30, 2013 | 32 pages
In Victoria Kann’s ninth Pinkalicious I Can Read book, Pinkalicious: Puptastic!, Pinkalicious is expecting to have a pinkatastic weekend puppy-sitting. She’s sure she’ll have all kinds of fun with Pinky, the visiting poodle. But Pinky is shy and doesn’t want to play. Pinkalicious gets... More Info

Batman Classic: Who Is Clayface?

HarperCollins | April 30, 2013 | 32 pages
When a man posing as Bruce Wayne causes problems at the bank, Batman™ knows exactly who the imposter is. But it's hard to catch a criminal who can change shape.  More Info

Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll in the Universe

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 32 pages
Fancy Nancy is back in New York Times bestselling team Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser's picture book Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll in the Universe, about the love little girls feel for their favorite dolls—and their favorite sisters! Fancy Nancy's sister, JoJo, can really be a pest sometimes... More Info

How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 208 pages
In How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids, New York Times bestselling author and professor Thomas C. Foster gives tweens the tools they need to become thoughtful readers. With funny insights and a conversational style, he explains the way writers use symbol, metaphor, characterization,... More Info

Tyler Makes Spaghetti!

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 40 pages
Tyler is ready for spaghetti! So is his dog, Tofu, especially if there are meatballs involved. Tyler loves spaghetti and meatballs so much he wants to make it for his family. But how? Chef Lorenzo to the rescue! Together, Tyler and Chef discover that sometimes pasta comes in a box and tomato sauce... More Info

Cinderella Smith: The Super Secret Mystery

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 160 pages
Stephanie Barden has created a great role model for tweens. Cinderella Smith is confident, smart, and very real. Fans of Junie B. Jones and Clementine will love watching Cinderella conquer the problems of third-grade life, and parents will appreciate the vocabulary-enhancing words Stephanie Barden... More Info

I Am the Dog

HarperCollins | September 21, 2010 | 32 pages
Jacob is the boy. Max is the dog. Until they decide to change places. Now Jacob gets to eat kibble, chase squirrels, and snooze, just like a real dog. Max brushes his teeth, goes to school, and plays video games, just like a real boy. The question is: Who has the better deal? Story maestro Daniel... More Info

A Special Gift for Grammy

HarperCollins | April 23, 2013 | 32 pages
As Grammy kissed Hunter good-bye, she saw the pile of stones. "What do I do with a pile of stones?" she asked Hunter. "What everyone does with a pile of stones," he answered. "Of course," said Grammy. Acclaimed author Jean Craighead George tells a touching story of love and imagination—one that... More Info

Planet Tad

Harpercollins Childrens Books | May 8, 2012 | 256 pages
"Twelve-year-old Tad navigates a year filled with girl problems, school antics, and the worst summer job in history, all told in the form of hilarious, illustrated blog entries"--  More Info

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Harpercollins Childrens Books | May 1, 2012 | 40 pages
Pete the cat loves the buttons on his shirt so much that he makes up a song about them, and even as the buttons pop off one by one, he still finds a reason to sing. 150,000 first printing.  More Info

Any Known Blood

Harpercollins Canada | November 21, 2008 | 512 pages
Langston Cane V is 38, divorced and working as a government speechwriter, until he's fired for sabotaging the minister's speech. It seems the perfect time for Langston, the eldest son of a white mother and prominent black father, to embark on a quest to discover his family's past-and his own sense... More Info

Gangsta Granny

HarperCollins Children's Books | March 1, 2013 | 306 pages
Another hilarious and moving novel from bestselling, critically acclaimed author David Walliams, the natural successor to Roald Dahl.  More Info

Koala Calamity

HarperCollins Children's Books | January 1, 2013 | 192 pages
The fifth animal in the hilarious AWESOME ANIMALS series – awesome adventures with the wildest wildlife. From the author of the hilarious WORLD OF NORM series comes the first of two crazy koala capers.  More Info

A short history of Indians in Canada

HarperCollins | August 3, 2006 | 256 pages
No summary available.