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Not Quite Snow White

HarperCollins | July 9, 2019 | 32 pages
A picture book for magical yet imperfect girls everywhere, written by debut author Ashley Franklin and perfect for fans of such titles as Mary Had a Little Glam by Tammi Sauer and the classic Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. Tameika is a girl who belongs on the stage. She loves to act, sing, and... More Info

Pete the Cat's Trip to the Supermarket

HarperCollins | July 9, 2019 | 32 pages
Pete the Cat helps out at the supermarket in this Level 1 I Can Read tale from New York Times bestselling creators Kimberly and James Dean Along with his dad and brother, Pete the Cat heads off to the supermarket. But what happens when Dad loses the grocery list before they even get there? It’s... More Info

Swan Song

HarperCollins Publishers | July 9, 2019 | 480 pages
A dazzling debut about gossip, slander and the public humiliation of New York socialites in the 1970s. Based on real events, Swan Song is the tragic story of the beautiful, wealthy, vulnerable women whom Truman Capote called his Swans, and who deserted him after he betrayed them. On exclusive... More Info

All the Fun of the Fair

HarperCollins Children's Books | May 20, 2019 | 192 pages
The second book in the wickedly funny series for ages six and up from the creator of Where Bear?, Pass It On and the Pom Pom series, with colour illustrations throughout. Hi! I'm Jeanie - 7 3⁄4-years-old, and a BIG fan of badges. BAD NANA is one of my three grandmas (yes, three). Of course, "Bad... More Info

Lonely Hearts Hotel

Harper Perennial | July 9, 2019 | 400 pages
NATIONAL BESTSELLER Longlisted for the 2017 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction A Globe and Mail Most Anticipated Book A NOW Magazine Book You Have to Read A Toronto Star Book We Can’t Wait to Read “Heather O’Neill is just getting better and better.” —The Globe and Mail “It would be... More Info

Julie's Wolf Pack

HarperCollins | July 2, 2019 | 208 pages
The acclaimed final book in the trilogy that begins with the Newbery Medal-winning Julie of the Wolves In this exciting adventure about the wolf pack that saved the life of a young girl when she was lost on the tundra, Julie has returned to her family, but her wolf pack has a story all its own.... More Info


HarperCollins | July 2, 2019 | 256 pages
The acclaimed sequel to the beloved Newbery Medal-winning Julie of the Wolves Julie's decision to return home to her people is not an easy one. But after many months in the wilderness, living in harmony with the wolves that saved her life, she knows the time has come. But Julie is not prepared for... More Info

The Dying of the Light

Harper Paperbacks | July 2, 2019 | 288 pages
From the author of the bestselling A Reliable Wife comes a dramatic, passionate tale of a glamorous Southern debutante who marries for money and ultimately suffers for love—the literary love-child of William Faulkner and Dominick Dunne. It begins with a house and ends in ashes . . . Diana Cooke... More Info

Destroy All Monsters

HarperTeen | July 2, 2019 | 400 pages
A crucial, genre-bending tale, equal parts Ned Vizzini and Patrick Ness, about the life-saving power of friendship. Solomon and Ash both experienced a traumatic event when they were twelve. Ash lost all memory of that event when she fell from Solomon’s treehouse. Since then, Solomon has retreated... More Info

What to Read and Why

Harper Perennial | July 2, 2019 | 352 pages
In this brilliant collection, the follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Reading Like a Writer, the distinguished novelist, literary critic, and essayist celebrates the pleasures of reading and pays homage to the works and writers she admires above all others, from Jane Austen and Charles... More Info

Louisa May Pickett's Best Show and Tell Ever

HarperCollins Australia | February 1, 2008 | 28 pages
Louisa May Pickett finds that in order to impress, she need only be herself. Louisa May Pickett's one and only talent is Show and tell. Until she arrives at Dobroyd Primary school, that is ... When Louisa May Picket arrives at Dobroyd Point Primary, all she has to offer for 'Show and tell' is ... a... More Info

The Snakes

Harper | June 25, 2019 | 448 pages
"I wonder if it hurts them to shed their skins," she said. She didn't feel afraid standing in the darkness, imagining snakes, even with the smell of death in the air." Recently married, psychologist Bea and Dan, a mixed-race artist, rent out their tiny flat to escape London for a few precious... More Info

How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World

HarperOne | June 25, 2019 | 208 pages
A modern approach to mindfulness from an esteemed Buddhist scholar and Psychology professor. Everywhere we go, we hear about the benefits of mindfulness—to bring us joy, peace, and productivity, and even to make us look younger and live longer. Meanwhile, in the real world, things aren’t so... More Info

Against A Darkening Sky

Harper Perennial | April 12, 2016 | 384 pages
From the author of the acclaimed Our Daily Bread and The Empty Room comes a rich and fascinating new novel of mysterious, magic-riddled seventh-century England: Against A Darkening Sky transports the reader to a rich yet violent past where a young woman is torn between her deepest beliefs and her... More Info

The Best Seat in Kindergarten

HarperCollins | June 18, 2019 | 32 pages
No summary available.

Super Marsupials: Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, and More

HarperCollins | June 18, 2019 | 40 pages
Kangaroos, tree kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, opossums, and sugar gliders are all amazing animals! What else do these animals all have in common? They are marsupials! Learn about marsupials in this Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science book. People keep their babies in cribs, but... More Info

Pete the Kitty's First Day of Preschool

HarperFestival | June 18, 2019 | 24 pages
Pete the Kitty is almost ready for his first day of preschool! It's a big day for Pete the Kitty: his first day of preschool! He meets his cool teacher, sings a few fun songs, and even gets to paint. Who knew preschool could be so much fun? Just don't forget your groovy backpack and your yummy... More Info

Dragons from Mars Go to School

HarperCollins | June 18, 2019 | 32 pages
A funny and rhythmic picture book about two unexpected schoolmates from outer space—perfect for fans of Dragons Love Tacos The dragons from Mars are headed to school. But when Molly and Fred arrive at the classroom door, they realize life at school might come with some challenges. Will... More Info

Hannah Sparkles: Hooray for the First Day of School!

HarperCollins | June 18, 2019 | 32 pages
Cheer along with Hannah Sparkles on her first day of school! Hannah Sparkles and her best friend, Sunny Everbright, are ready for first grade. Their day starts as perfect as pom-poms...until Hannah and Sunny are seated far apart in the classroom. Even worse, Hannah is having trouble making new... More Info

How to Read a Book

HarperCollins | June 18, 2019 | 32 pages
FIRST, FIND A TREE – A BLACK TUPELO OR DAWN REDWOOD WILL DO – AND PLANT YOURSELF. With these words, an adventure begins—an adventure into the world of reading. Kwame Alexander’s evocative poetry and Melissa Sweet’s lush artwork come together to take you on a sensory journey between the... More Info

The Scapegoat

HarperElement | June 18, 2019 | 320 pages
A gripping true crime investigation into the longest miscarriage of justice in British legal history. In September 1973, Stephen Downing was convicted and indefinitely sentenced for the murder of Wendy Sewell, a young legal secretary in the town of Bakewell in the Peak District. Wendy was attacked... More Info


HarperCollins | April 15, 2019 | 352 pages
'Cecelia Ahern at her quirky, magical best' Daily MailA story for every woman.A story for every moment. Whether you want to laughTo be movedTo loveTo feel less guiltTo cryTo be comfortedTo ROARThere is a story for you. From Sunday Times bestselling author Cecelia Ahern comes a collection of witty,... More Info

The Chai Factor

HarperAvenue | June 11, 2019 | 400 pages
Amira Khan has no plans to break her no-dating rule. Thirty-year-old engineer Amira Khan has set one rule for herself: no dating until her grad-school thesis is done. Nothing can distract her from completing a paper that is so good her boss will give her the promotion she deserves when she returns... More Info

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #2: Thunder and Shadow

HarperCollins | September 6, 2016 | 400 pages
Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues in A Vision of Shadows #2: Thunder and Shadow. Includes a double-sided jacket with a bonus poster! Nearly a moon has passed since Alderpaw returned from his journey to SkyClan’s gorge, where he found the territory taken over by rogues. Now... More Info

The Lost Family

Harper Paperbacks | June 4, 2019 | 432 pages
"I was spellbound from the start of The Lost Family. The writing is so smart and empathetic and I think what will stay with me the most are the characters, who on the surface embody glamour and verve, but who are in fact all striving to find happiness under a legacy of devastating loss.  More Info

¿De dónde eres?

HarperCollins Espanol | June 4, 2019 | 40 pages
Este resonante libro ilustrado cuenta la historia de una niña a la que constantemente se le hace una pregunta simple que no tiene una respuesta simple. Un excelente tema de conversación en el hogar o en el aula: un libro para compartir, en el espíritu de I Am Enough por Grace Byers y Keturah A.... More Info


Harper | June 4, 2019 | 144 pages
As concise and enlightening as Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, this mind-expanding dive into the mystery of consciousness is an illuminating meditation on the self, free will, and felt experience. What is consciousness? How does it arise? And why does it... More Info

My Map Book

HarperCollins | June 4, 2019 | 32 pages
Experience a child’s view of the world in this extraordinarily imaginative picture book about maps "An imaginative, child-centered title that should be examined and enjoyed, and one that will also make a wonderful springboard for teachers introducing the concepts of mapping or autobiography,"... More Info

Where Are You From?

HarperCollins | June 4, 2019 | 40 pages
This resonant picture book tells the story of one girl who constantly gets asked a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer. A great conversation starter in the home or classroom—a book to share, in the spirit of I Am Enough by Grace Byers and Keturah A. Bobo. When a girl is asked... More Info

The Art of Starving

HarperTeen | June 4, 2019 | 400 pages
Winner of the 2017 Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book! “Funny, haunting, beautiful, relentless, and powerful, The Art of Starving is a classic in the making.”—Book Riot Matt hasn’t eaten in days. His stomach stabs and twists inside, pleading for a... More Info

The Other Boy

HarperCollins | June 4, 2019 | 256 pages
A beautifully heartfelt story about one boy’s journey toward acceptance. A book that Jill Soloway, the award-winning creator of Transparent, called “a terrific read for all ages” and Ami Polonsky, author of Gracefully Grayson, called “an emotionally complex and achingly real read.”... More Info

Far from the Tree

HarperTeen | June 4, 2019 | 400 pages
National Book Award Winner and New York Times Bestseller! Perfect for fans of NBC's "This Is Us," Robin Benway’s beautiful interweaving story of three very different teenagers connected by blood explores the meaning of family in all its forms—how to find it, how to keep it, and how to love it.... More Info

Ayesha At Last

Harper Perennial | June 4, 2019 | 320 pages
Soon to be a major motion picture by Warner Brothers Entertainment and Pascal Pictures Pride and Prejudice with a modern twist—a feel-good, laugh-out-loud comedy of love where you least expect it Ayesha Shamsi has a lot going on. Her dreams of being a poet have been set aside for a teaching job... More Info

The Summer We Lost Her

Harper Perennial | June 4, 2019 | 368 pages
How much pressure can a marriage take? Elise Sorenson has been striving for the Olympics for as long as she can remember. The months of intense training and competition in the world of horse shows take her away, far too often, from her husband, Matt, and their eight-year-old daughter, Gracie. Matt,... More Info

The Sentence is Death

HarperCollins Publishers | May 28, 2019 | 464 pages
The writer “Anthony Horowitz” and eccentric detective Daniel Hawthorne team up again in a new mystery as they delve deeper into Hawthorne’s past.  More Info

Fight like a Mother

HarperOne | May 28, 2019 | 272 pages
Praised by media and political figures including Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, and Katie Couric, Shannon Watts—"the NRA’s Worst Nightmare”—tells the inspiring story of how a rallying call-to-action grew into a powerful movement to protect children from America’s epidemic of gun... More Info

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

HarperCollins Publishers | May 21, 2019 | 384 pages
All of London is abuzz with the scandalous case of Frannie Langton, accused of the brutal double murder of her employers, renowned scientist George Benham and his eccentric French wife, Marguerite. Crowds pack the courtroom, eagerly following every twist, while the newspapers print lurid theories... More Info


Harper Perennial | May 21, 2019 | 144 pages
“Magical prose stylist” Michael Chabon (Michiko Kakutani, New York Times) delivers a collection of essays—heartfelt, humorous, insightful, wise—on the meaning of fatherhood. For the September 2016 issue of GQ, Michael Chabon wrote a piece about accompanying his son Abraham Chabon, then... More Info

The Book of Pride

HarperOne | May 21, 2019 | 288 pages
THE BOOK OF PRIDE captures the true story of the gay rights movement from the 1960s to the present, through richly detailed, stunning interviews with the leaders, activists, and ordinary people who witnessed the movement and made it happen. These individuals fought battles both personal and... More Info

That's What Dinosaurs Do

HarperCollins | May 21, 2019 | 32 pages
From The Bad Seed and The Good Egg creators, Jory John and Pete Oswald, comes a story about a dinosaur who loves to ROAR. William the dinosaur likes to roar. At the park?“ROAR.” At the bus stop?“ROAR!” At the farm? You bet. ROARRR! William never lets the chance to roar pass him by, even if... More Info

Mister Cleghorn's Seal

HarperCollins Children's Books | April 1, 2019 | 96 pages
An exquisite story to delight readers young and old, from a much-loved writer and illustrator. What do you do if you find an abandoned seal pup on a rock in the middle of the sea? Well, take it home with you to your flat, of course. At least that's what Mr Albert Cleghorn thought, though perhaps he... More Info

Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore

Harper Design | May 14, 2019 | 208 pages
Whether it’s Cecil Beaton’s flamboyant, classically tailored suits, Frida Kahlo’s love of bright color, or Cindy Sherman’s penchant for minimalism, an artist’s attire often reflects the creative and spiritual essence of his or her work. In Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore,... More Info


HarperOne | May 14, 2019 | 272 pages
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “One of the greatest tricks that the patriarchy plays on women is to deliberately destabilize them, then use their instability as a reason to disbelieve them. Much of BRAVE reads like the diary of a woman driven half-mad by abusive men who assume no one will listen to... More Info

New Kid

HarperCollins | February 5, 2019 | 256 pages
Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Gene Luen Yang, New Kid is a timely, honest graphic novel about starting over at a new school where diversity is low and the struggle to fit in is real, from award-winning author-illustrator Jerry Craft. Seventh grader Jordan Banks loves nothing more than... More Info

You Made Me a Dad

HarperCollins | May 7, 2019 | 32 pages
A picture book for expectant fathers and already-fathers everywhere created by the author of You Made Me a Mother, Laurenne Sala, and the Marigold Bakes a Cake author-illustrator, Mike Malbrough. In this touching celebration of fatherhood, the close bond between parent and child comes to life with... More Info

Flat Stanley and the Bees

HarperCollins | May 7, 2019 | 32 pages
Being flat sure makes it fun for Flat Stanley when playing backyard games with his pals—but not when bees are chasing them! Join Stanley in his newest adventure. On a hot summer day, Flat Stanley and his friends have lots of fun games to play. Stanley’s flatness comes in handy, especially... More Info

How to Disappear

HarperTeen | May 7, 2019 | 400 pages
From the author of Between the Notes comes a story that shines a light on our love of social media and how sometimes being the person you think you want to be isn’t as great as being the person you truly are. Perfect for fans of Vivi Greene’s Sing and Susane Colasanti’s Now and Forever. Vicky... More Info

Splat the Cat and the Lemonade Stand

HarperCollins | May 7, 2019 | 32 pages
You know Splat the Cat from his bestselling picture books and Level One stories. Now get ready to graduate with Splat into Level Two readers and find out what funny adventures Splat will get into next! School’s out, and Splat can’t wait to visit the waterpark, but first he needs make some... More Info

The Last Time I Saw You

Harper | May 7, 2019 | 320 pages
The internationally bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish follows that success with an addictive novel filled with shocking twists about the aftermath of a brutal high-society murder. Kate English’s mother, Lily Michaels, is dead, the victim of a terrifying attack in her tony suburban... More Info

What Should Be Wild

Harper Perennial | May 7, 2019 | 368 pages
“Delightful and darkly magical. Julia Fine has written a beautiful modern myth, a coming-of-age story for a girl with a worrisome power over life and death.  More Info