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The Transmission of Affect

Cornell University Press | January 1, 2004 | 227 pages
The idea that one can soak up someone else's depression or anxiety or sense the tension in a room is familiar. Indeed, phrases that capture this notion abound in the popular vernacular: "negative energy," "dumping," "you could cut the tension with a knife." The Transmission of Affect deals with the... More Info

The Philosophy of the Commentators, 200-600 AD: Logic and metaphysics

Cornell University Press | January 1, 2005 | 394 pages
The third volume of this invaluable sourcebook covers three main subject areas: the metaphysics of Aristotle's logical works; logic; and the higher metaphysics of Neoplatonism.  More Info

Performing Live

Cornell University Press | June 18, 2019 | 266 pages
Current philosophies of art remain sadly dominated by visions of its end and lamentations of decline. Defining the very notions of art and the aesthetic as special products of Western modernity, they suggest that postmodern challenges to traditional high culture pose a devastating danger to art's... More Info

Hard Sell

Cornell University Press | August 3, 2016 | 240 pages
In Hard Sell, Peter Ikeler traces the low-wage, largely nonunion character of U.S. retail through the history and ultimate failure of twentieth-century retail unionism.  More Info

Outsourcing War

Cornell University Press | December 18, 2015 | 200 pages
In Outsourcing War, Amy E. Eckert examines the ethical implications involved in the widespread use of PMCs, and in particular questions whether they can fit within customary ways of understanding the ethical prosecution of warfare.  More Info

Paradigms for a Metaphorology

What role do metaphors play in philosophical language? Are they impediments to clear thinking that should be eradicated in the interests of terminological exactness? Or can they be used by philosophers to indicate the attitudes that regulate an epoch?  More Info

Connecting the Drops

Cornell University Press | June 18, 2019 |
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Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods

Cornell University Press | June 18, 2019 | 288 pages
On the basis of extensive historical research and access to new archival sources, Helleiner provides a major reinterpretation of the negotiations at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944.  More Info

Code green

Cornell University Press | June 15, 2004 | 213 pages
Dedicated nurses are leaving hospitals in droves, and there are not enough new recruits to the profession to meet demand. Even hospitals that were once very highly regarded for the quality of their nursing care, such as Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, now struggle to fill vacant... More Info


Cornell University Press | June 18, 2019 | 248 pages
Christopher R. Martin argues that the mainstream news media (and the large corporations behind them) put the labor movement in a bad light even while avoiding the appearance of bias. Martin has found that the news media construct "common ground" narratives between labor and management positions by... More Info

No Small Change

Cornell University Press | September 1, 2008 | 152 pages
In No Small Change, Tessa Hebb examines the ability of pension funds, now the largest single driver of financial markets around the world, to use their ownership position to change corporate practices for the sake of the bottom line and, perhaps, change the world for the better in the process.... More Info