Books published by Continuum Intl Pub Group


Continuum Intl Pub Group | December 9, 2008 | 192 pages
A student's guide to the historical context, key thinkers and central themes of pragmatism, a concept central to American philosophy.  More Info

Pedagogy of the oppressed

Continuum Intl Pub Group | September 1, 2000 | 183 pages
First published in Portuguese in 1968, Pedagogy of the Oppressed was translated and published in English in 1970. The methodology of the late Paulo Freire has helped to empower countless impoverished and illiterate people throughout the world. Freire's work has taken on especial urgency in the... More Info


Continuum Intl Pub Group | August 17, 2019 | 229 pages
Noam Chomsky is one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth-century. This book is not only an introduction to Chomsky's theoretical writings, but also a critical engagement with his work. Covering every aspect of Chomsky's thought, from transfor  More Info


Continuum Intl Pub Group | August 17, 2019 | 129 pages
This book presents two stories: one of a man creating that elusive American second act, and secondly finding the perfect collaborator in his wife.  More Info

Sex Scandals in American Politics

Continuum Intl Pub Group | September 15, 2011 | 208 pages
"From the misbehavior of President Clinton to Governor Mark Sanfordżs Argentinean tryst, sex scandals have become a prominent feature of American public life. This unique collection of essays explains why politicians elected for their leadership and promises of ethical behavior risk their career,... More Info

The Pornography Of Meat

Continuum Intl Pub Group | October 14, 2004 | 192 pages
How does someone become a piece of meat? Carol J. Adams answers this question in this provocative book by finding hidden meanings in the culture around us. From advertisements to T-shirts, from billboards to menus, from matchbook covers to comics, images of women and animals are merged--with... More Info