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Things Fall Apart

Anchor Canada | April 21, 2009 | 224 pages
Professor:  Prof. Amanda Joy
Course Codes:  ANTH 2001
Semester:  Winter-2018
THINGS FALL APART tells two overlapping, intertwining stories, both of which center around Okonkwo, a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first of these stories traces Okonkwo's fall from grace with the tribal world in which he lives, and in its classical purity of line and... More Info


Anchor Canada | December 26, 2017 | 272 pages
Governor General's Award-winner Michael Harris explores the profound emotional and intellectual benefits of solitude, and how we may achieve it in our fast-paced world. The capacity to be alone--properly alone--is one of life's subtlest skills. Real solitude is a contented and productive state that... More Info

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

Anchor Canada | May 5, 2009 | 336 pages
Teasing, provocative, and very funny, Mohammed Hanif’s debut novel takes one of the subcontinent’s enduring mysteries and out if it spins a tale as rich and colourful as a beggar’s dream. Why did a Hercules C130, the world’s sturdiest plane, carrying Pakistan’s military dictator General... More Info


Anchor Canada | September 19, 2017 | 320 pages
From the author of the international bestseller, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, comes another exquisite and emotionally resonant novel about the search for the truth and unconditional love. On a foggy spring morning in 1972, twelve-year-old Byron Hemming and his mother are driving to school... More Info

Nine Women, One Dress

Anchor Canada | July 25, 2017 | 272 pages
A charming, hilarious, sweet-as-candy romp of a debut novel that brings together nine unrelated women, each touched by the same little black dress that weaves through their lives, bringing a little magic with it. Natalie is a Bloomingdale's sales girl mooning over her lawyer ex-boyfriend who's... More Info

Mouthing the Words

Anchor Canada | June 6, 2017 | 240 pages
No summary available.

A God in Ruins

Anchor Canada | December 29, 2015 | 400 pages
The stunning companion to Kate Atkinson's #1 bestseller Life After Life, "one of the best novels I've read this century" (Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl). Kate Atkinson's dazzling Life After Life explored the possibility of infinite chances, following Ursula Todd as she lived through the... More Info

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Anchor Canada | September 14, 2004 | 560 pages
One of the world's most beloved and bestselling writers takes his ultimate journey -- into the most intriguing and intractable questions that science seeks to answer. In A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson trekked the Appalachian Trail -- well, most of it. In In A Sunburned Country, he confronted some... More Info


Anchor Canada | May 2, 2017 | 320 pages
"Homegoing is an inspiration." --Ta-Nehisi Coates An unforgettable New York Times bestseller of exceptional scope and sweeping vision that traces the descendants of two sisters across three hundred years in Ghana and America. A riveting kaleidoscopic debut novel and the beginning of a major career:... More Info


Anchor Canada | February 28, 2017 | 272 pages
"From one of Canada's most celebrated writers, two-time Giller Prize winner Moyez Vassanji, comes a taut, ingenuous and dynamic novel about a future where eternal life is possible, and identities can be chosen. In the indeterminate future in an unnamed western city, physical impediments to... More Info

Nothing Like Love

Anchor Canada | January 3, 2017 | 432 pages
A sparkling, witty and confident debut from a rising Canadian star whose Trinidadian roots and riotous storytelling heritage inform her completely delightful novel. It is 1974 in the town of Chance, Trinidad--home to a colourful cast of cane farmers, rum-drinkers, scandal-mongers . . . and a bright... More Info

The Kite Runner

Anchor Canada | January 20, 2018 | 400 pages
An epic tale of fathers and sons, of friendship and betrayal, that takes us from Afghanistan in the final days of the monarchy to the atrocities of the present day. The unforgettable, heartbreaking story of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy Afghan youth and the son of his father's servant,... More Info

This Is Happy

Anchor Canada | September 6, 2016 | 288 pages
'"All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them,' Isak Dinesen once said. Sorrows are all pain otherwise, pain without sense or meaning. But joys, too, it seems to me, need their context. And sometimes their coexistence needs to be borne. The coexistence or... More Info

Black Mass

Anchor Canada | July 8, 2008 | 256 pages
Fascinating, enlightening, and epic in scope, Black Mass looks at the historic and modern faces of Utopian ideology: Society’s Holy Grail, but at what price? During the last century global politics was shaped by Utopian projects. Pursuing a dream of a world without evil, powerful states waged war... More Info

And Home Was Kariakoo

Anchor Canada | October 8, 2015 | 400 pages
Part travelogue, part memoir, and part history-rarely-told, here is a powerful and timely portrait of a constantly evolving land. From a description of Zanzibar and its evolution to a visit to a slave-market town at Lake Tanganyika; from an encounter with a witchdoctor in an old coastal village to... More Info

Troublesome Young Men

Anchor Canada | May 13, 2008 | 448 pages
Acclaimed historian Lynne Olson’s collective biography explores one of the most important turning points in 20th-century history – the months leading up to Winston Churchill’s accession to Prime Minister and the decisive turning of the tide in Britain against the appeasement of Hitler. They... More Info

Crimes Against My Brother

Anchor Canada | March 31, 2015 | 416 pages
"Crimes Against My Brother takes us through a long series of petty betrayals, crushing heartbreaks, loneliness and death. . . . David Adams Richards has again proven his mastery." National Post Harold, Evan and Ian are inseparable as boys--so much so that one night, abandoned in the forest by the... More Info

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

Anchor Canada | July 21, 2015 | 416 pages
The New York Times and Globe & Mail-bestselling author of The Imperfectionists returns with an intricately woven novel about a bookseller who travels the world to make sense of her puzzling past. Tooly Zylberberg tells a story: as a child, she was stolen from home, stashed at a den of thieves,... More Info

A Walk in the Woods

Anchor Canada | January 20, 2018 | 289 pages
God only knows what possessed Bill Bryson, a reluctant adventurer if ever there was one, to undertake a gruelling hike along the world's longest continuous footpath—The Appalachian Trail. The 2,000-plus-mile trail winds through 14 states, stretching along the east coast of the United States, from... More Info

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches

Anchor Canada | December 30, 2014 | 320 pages
"One of the most remarkable creations in recent literature" (USA Today), Flavia de Luce, is back in Alan Bradley's New York Times-bestselling mystery series. Bishop's Lacey is never short of two things: Mysteries to solve and pre-adolescent detectives to solve them.  More Info

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Anchor Canada | November 10, 2009 | 400 pages
Winner of the 2007 Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger A delightfully dark English mystery, featuring precocious young sleuth Flavia de Luce and her eccentric family. The summer of 1950 hasn’t offered up anything out of the ordinary for eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce: bicycle explorations... More Info


Anchor Canada | October 28, 2014 | 208 pages
"The glory of Moore's writing isn't simply that it toys with our expectations; it is that--like life itself--it turns them on their heads and gives them a good hard shake. . . . A long time in coming, Bark is a reminder--if one was needed--that when it comes to writing stories, Moore is still ahead... More Info

Emancipation Day

Anchor Canada | November 4, 2014 | 336 pages
"Grady's novel reads with the velvety tempo of the jazz music of its day. . . . Grady fearlessly explores heated race relations and the masks we all assume." Chatelaine With his curly black hair and his wicked grin, everyone swoons and thinks of Frank Sinatra when Navy musician Jackson Lewis takes... More Info

Happy City

Anchor Canada | November 11, 2014 | 368 pages
"Happy City is not only readable but stimulating. It raises issues most of us have avoided for too long. Do we live in neighbourhoods that make us happy? That is not a silly question. Montgomery encourages us to ask it without embarrassment, and to think intelligently about the answer." --The New... More Info

The Beautiful and the Damned

Anchor Canada | September 2, 2014 | 272 pages
"Deb's work has been compared to Naipaul's, but his voice is unique, more honest, a gaze refreshingly different. . . . As subtle and sensitive as it is shocking and significant, you will not read a better book on the 'human' face of globalization this year." The Globe and Mail In 2004, after six... More Info

The Child's Child

Anchor Canada | June 3, 2014 | 320 pages
"In the hands of Vine . . . the book-within-a-book strategy evolves into something infinitely more intricate--a sinister, constantly shifting Rubik's Cube of motives, betrayals, and violence." --Entertainment Weekly When their grandmother dies, Grace and Andrew Easton inherit her sprawling,... More Info

The Hungry Ghosts

Anchor Canada | April 1, 2014 | 384 pages
"A novel of raw human longing. . . . his stripped-down prose focuses on the deeply personal with precision and insight. . . . Selvadurai's work reminds me that the contemporary novel doesn't necessarily have to resort to thrills or high jinks in order to find its usefulness.  More Info

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Anchor Canada | May 18, 2004 | 240 pages
International Bestseller #1 National Bestseller in Canada Foreign rights have been sold to the UK, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Japan, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Holland and Brazil. Film rights have been bought by Hey Day (the makers of Harry Potter) together with Brad Grey (producer of The... More Info

The Wisdom of Psychopaths

Anchor Canada | October 1, 2013 | 288 pages
Psychopath. The word conjures up images of serial killers, rapists, suicide bombers, gangsters. But think again: you could probably benefit from being a little more psychopathic yourself. Psychologist Kevin Dutton has made a speciality of psychopathy, and is on first-name terms with many notorious... More Info

The Magic of Saida

Anchor Canada | August 6, 2013 | 320 pages
"The Magic of Saida is the sort of novel that, upon finishing, one wants to immediately read again, to examine, to study just how Vasssanji works his narrative magic, and to allow oneself to savour it just that little bit longer." —The Globe and Mail The Magic of Saida tells the haunting story of... More Info

Sleeping Funny

Anchor Canada | July 2, 2013 | 320 pages
"A satisfying mix of straightforward realism and grounded fantastic, and shows the writer at her best . . . . An accomplished collection of tender, witty writing." —National Post Sleeping Funny is a rare book--a debut that introduces a mature writer in full possession of her powers, one who... More Info

Good to a Fault

Anchor Canada | June 4, 2013 | 400 pages
Marina Endicott's critically and commercially beloved novel, published for the first time by Anchor Canada. In a moment of self-absorption, Clara Purdy's life takes a sharp left turn when she crashes into a beat-up car carrying an itinerant family of six. The Gage family had been travelling to a... More Info

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Anchor Canada | June 4, 2013 | 384 pages
Recently retired, sweet, emotionally numb Harold Fry is jolted out of his passivity by a letter from Queenie Hennessy, an old friend, who he hasn't heard from in twenty years. She has written to say she is in hospice and wanted to say goodbye. Leaving his tense, bitter wife Maureen to her chores,... More Info

The Blondes

Anchor Canada | June 4, 2013 | 400 pages
A breakout novel for a young writer whose last book was shortlisted for the Trillium Prize alongside Anne Michaels and Margaret Atwood, and whom the Toronto Star called a "force of nature." Hazel Hayes is a graduate student living in New York City when she learns that she is pregnant from an... More Info

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Anchor Canada | April 2, 2013 | 512 pages
Two systems drive the way we think and make choices, Daniel Kahneman explains: System One is fast, intuitive, and emotional; System Two is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. Examining how both systems function within the mind, Kahneman exposes the extraordinary capabilities as well as the... More Info

Agamemnon's Daughter

Anchor Canada | April 2, 2013 | 272 pages
Now in paperback, one of the novels that garnered Kadare the inaugural Man Booker International Prize for fiction, plus two stunning new stories. Agamemnon's Daughteris an impeccably crafted, psychologically incisive tale of a disappointed lover's odyssey through a single day and his gradual... More Info

Season of the Rainbirds

Anchor Canada | March 5, 2013 | 208 pages
The first novel by the author ofMaps for Lost Lovers: a powerful and exquisitely written story set in a small town in Pakistan after the murder of a corrupt and prominent local judge. When a sack of letters that were thought to have disappeared in a train crash nineteen years earlier reappears... More Info

Natural Order

Anchor Canada | August 7, 2012 | 384 pages
“It’s beautiful,” I said, even though it wasn’t my style. It was cut glass and silver. Something a movie star might wear. Is this what my boy thought of me? I wondered as he fastened it around my neck. He called me Elizabeth Taylor and I laughed and laughed. I wore that necklace throughout... More Info


Anchor Canada | January 22, 2013 | 1184 pages
The year is 1984. Aomame is riding in a taxi on the expressway, in a hurry to carry out an assignment. Her work is not the kind that can be discussed in public. When they get tied up in traffic, the taxi driver suggests a bizarre 'proposal' to her. Having no other choice she agrees, but as a result... More Info


Anchor Canada | October 23, 2012 | 384 pages
Written with the trademark wit and verve that has earned MacLean a devoted international following as well as myriad awards for her wine writing,Unquenchableis much more than a shopping list for the thrifty tippler.  More Info

Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen

Anchor Canada | December 2, 2003 | 480 pages
Stretching between turn-of-the-century Paris and contemporary Canada, Mme Proust and the Kosher Kitchen is the story of three women whose lives intersect across time to reveal the intrinsic bonds of our collective and personal histories. It is a rich and compassionate debut, a novel that encourages... More Info

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Anchor Canada | November 30, 2010 | 384 pages
Written with a delightfully dry sense of humour and the wisdom of a born storyteller, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand explores the risks one takes when pursuing happiness in the face of family obligation and tradition. When retired Major Pettigrew strikes up an unlikely friendship with Mrs. Ali, the... More Info

Dear Undercover Economist

Anchor Canada | August 25, 2009 | 240 pages
A fantastic collection of witty, insightful, and often outrageous Financial Timescolumns that answer readers' personal dilemmas using the latest economic theory. Tim Harford employs his idiosyncratic style to explain economic principles so that anyone can understand them and reveals how they apply... More Info

Inside the Whale

Anchor Canada | June 2, 2009 | 272 pages
Inside the Whale is a story about the big things that hold us together and the small things that prove our undoing. It is a dazzling celebration of the bright joys, hard losses and deep contentments borne by two eccentric families as the twentieth century unfolds. Fizzing with eclectic characters... More Info

Barnacle Love

Anchor Canada | October 14, 2008 | 224 pages
Shortlisted for the 2008 Scotiabank Giller Prize Like Wayson Choy and David Bezmozgis before him, Anthony De Sa captures, in stories brimming with life, the innocent dreams and bitter disappointments of the immigrant experience. At the heart of this collection of intimately linked stories is the... More Info

Last Man in Tower

Anchor Canada | August 7, 2012 | 480 pages
Real estate developer Dharmen Shah rose from nothing to create an empire and hopes to seal his legacy with a building named The Shanghai, which promises to be one of the city's most elite addresses. Larger-than-life Shah is a dangerous man to refuse. But he meets his match in a retired... More Info

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

Anchor Canada | October 30, 2012 | 288 pages
Colonel de Luce, in desperate need of funds, rents his beloved estate of Buckshaw to a film company. They will be shooting a movie over the Christmas holidays, filming scenes in the decaying manse with a reclusive star. She is widely despised, so it is to no one's surprise when she turns up... More Info

The Night Circus

Anchor Canada | July 3, 2012 | 528 pages
In this mesmerizing debut, a competition between two magicians becomes a star-crossed love story. The circus arrives at night, without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within nocturnal black and white striped tents awaits a unique experience, a... More Info

The Buckshaw Chronicles, Volume 1

Anchor Canada | October 30, 2012 | 832 pages
Flavia fans will rejoice: The first three adventures of our completely charming eleven-year-old sleuth, bound together in one volume! The Buckshaw Chronicles, Volume 1, brings together under one spine the bestsellingThe Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag,... More Info

Facing the Hunter

Anchor Canada | September 25, 2012 | 224 pages
Hunting has not been a sport for David Adams Richards, but a way of life--and one to be celebrated and defended. The woods have become a part of him. When he first entered them with a gun as a young boy he found "secret places that laid the framework of the template of my life." He had entered a... More Info