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Beloved Dog

Penguin Press HC | October 27, 2015 | 160 pages
"Dogs have lessons for us all. In [this book], ... artist and author Maira Kalman illuminates our cherished companions as only she can. From the dogs lovingly illustrated in her ... children's books to the real-life pets who inspire her still, Kalman's [book] is joyful ... and ... deeply... More Info

The Lorax

Random House Books for Young Readers | July 18, 1971 | 70 pages
The Once-ler describes the results of the local pollution problem.  More Info

Bird, Butterfly, Eel

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | February 24, 2009 | 32 pages
Change is all around us. From the first buds of springtime to the first autumn frost, nature shows us that change is all around us and that the world has its own way of beginning anew. Bird, Butterfly, and Eel spend their summers on the same coastal farm, but in the fall they go to very distant and... More Info

The Wonderful Habits of Rabbits

little bee books | February 2, 2016 | 32 pages
Follow one family of rabbits as they do all their favorite things in this sweet, poetic story from award-winning author Douglas Florian. The habits of rabbits are many, not few, with plenty of things that they love to do! This sweet, lyrical story by Douglas Florian follows a family of rabbits as... More Info

Ideas Are All Around

Macmillan | March 1, 2016 | 48 pages
In search of writing ideas, an author takes a walk with his dog around the neighborhood.  More Info

Landscape Guide for Canadian Homes

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation | July 18, 2019 | 175 pages
Written by Canadian experts about landscaping and gardening for Canada`s wide range of climates. Landscape Guide for Canadian Homes has everything the Canadian homeowner needs to know to create and maintain first-class curb appeal that respects and nurtures the environment while saving time and... More Info

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, 2nd edition

Da Capo Press | September 27, 2011 | 208 pages
An update of the classic parliamentary rules of order presents the protocol behind the orderly conduct of meetings in concise format, offering access to the most important rules.  More Info

The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook

Experiment Llc | July 18, 2019 | 186 pages
Argues that the best way to introduce infants to solid foods is to allow them to interact with the foods themselves until they naturally start eating, and offers recipes for healthy, infant-friendly dishes for the whole family.  More Info

Cloth Lullaby

Abrams Books for Young Readers | May 3, 2016 | 40 pages
Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) was a world-renowned modern artist noted for her sculptures made of wood, steel, stone, and cast rubber. Her most famous spider sculpture, Maman, stands more than 30 feet high. Just as spiders spin and repair their webs, Louise's own mother was a weaver of tapestries.... More Info

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Riverhead Books (Hardcover) | March 1, 2016 | 96 pages
Everything you need to know about the beauty of modern physics in less than 100 pages. In seven brief lessons, Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli guides readers with admirable clarity through the most transformative physics breakthroughs of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  More Info

In the Heart of the Sea

Penguin Group USA | November 10, 2015 | 336 pages
Recounts the story of the 1820 wreck of the whaleship Essex—which inspired Melville's classic Moby Dick—and its doomed crew's 90-day attempt to survive whale attacks and the elements on three tiny lifeboats, in a book that is the basis of the forthcoming film directed by Ron Howard. Reissue.  More Info

Small, Sweet, and Italian

Macmillan | September 17, 2013 | 208 pages
The pastry chef from Connecticut's Sweet Maria's Bakery presents dozens of classic and original Italian miniature treats, from cappuccino hazelnut cupcakes and mini jelly-filled bombolini to pannetone bread pudding and limoncello tartlets. By the author of The New Lasagna Cookbook.  More Info

Living Originally

Unity Books (Unity School of Christianity) | June 1, 2013 | 200 pages
In his latest title, Living Originally, Robert Brumet explores how many perceived problems stem not from the world, but from a false sense of self. Living originally is the art of knowing and being your true self. Using the book’s 10 spiritual practices, rediscover your origin—the truth of who... More Info

Secret Service

July 18, 2019 | 687 pages
Drawing on previously classified government records, the authors reveal that for over 150 years, Canada has run spy operations largely hidden from public or parliamentary scrutiny - complete with undercover agents, secret sources, agent provocateurs, coded communications, elaborate files, and all... More Info

The Stone Thrower

May 1, 2016 | 32 pages
African-American football player Chuck Ealey grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Portsmouth, Ohio. Against all odds, he became an incredible quarterback. But despite his unbeaten record in high school and university, he would never play professional football in the United States. Chuck Ealey... More Info

Space Oddities

A&C Black | May 3, 2012 | 256 pages
A fascinating new perspective on the Space Race combining brilliant film scholarship with gender studies and feminist theory.  More Info

Rules for the Dance

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | July 18, 1998 | 194 pages
An introduction to the sound, rhyme, meter, and scansion of metrical poetry with examples from the Elizabethan Age to Elizabeth Bishop  More Info

Gringo Gulch

August 5, 2016 | 248 pages
"Gringo Gulch” is a spot in San Jose, Costa Rica, home of female sex workers who have male clients from abroad (from North America in particular). Rivers-Moore’s work leads the way in a burgeoning scholarly initiative to explore global sex tourism based on long-term qualitative research. Her... More Info

The Elements of Pizza

Ten Speed Press | March 14, 2016 | 256 pages
good pizza is magic. Something indescribably wonderful happens when you combine crust, tomato, and cheese and bake them to melted perfection. In this highly anticipated cookbook, Ken Forkish owner of the beloved restaurant Ken s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon; the James Beard and IACP Award... More Info

Norwegian Wood

Vintage Books | July 18, 2019 | 296 pages
The tragic death of their best friend has a profound influence on the passionate relationship between Toru, a serious young college student in Tokyo, and Naoko, an introspective, beauty, as Toru finds himself drawn to an independent, sexually liberated young woman. Original. 50,000 first printing.  More Info


Chaudiere Press | June 17, 2015 | 110 pages
The second trade collection by Ottawa poet N.W. Lea, Understander continues his investigations of langugage, discourse, and irony through the short lyric.  More Info

Designed Words for a Designed World

June 1, 2016 | 272 pages
Reading concrete poetry as the world s first global literary movement."  More Info


Oxford University Press | May 26, 2011 | 208 pages
Philip Ball explores the elusive rules that govern flow in nature - from the swirl of a wisp of smoke and eddies in rivers, to the huge persistent storm that is the Great Spot on Jupiter. Whether the movement of wind, water, sand, or flocks of birds, he explains the science of the extraordinary... More Info


Oxford University Press | May 26, 2011 | 312 pages
"Nature's patterns is a trilogy composed of Shapes, Flow, and Branches."  More Info

Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!

Fair Winds Press (MA) | September 1, 2012 | 192 pages
"Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyes have reinvented the sandwich, taking it to all new heights with spectacular creations that will forever change your perception of lunch (and breakfast and dinner, too!)."—Julie Hasson, author of Vegan Diner, The Complete Book of Pies, and more "Celine and Tamasin... More Info

The Work of Art in the World

Duke University Press | January 8, 2014 | 232 pages
Traces the connections between art, activism, and social transformation.  More Info

Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel

December 25, 2015 | 150 pages
Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel is author R.H. Sin's first book of poetry.  More Info

Sea Change

May 24, 2016 | 120 pages
No summary available.

We Dig Worms!

April 10, 2015 | 40 pages
Young children (and a hungry bluebird) follow a talkative earthworm around and learn fun facts about worms and their important role in the environment.  More Info

Opening Up by Writing It Down

Guilford Publications | July 15, 2016 | 210 pages
Expressing painful emotions is hard--yet it can actually improve our mental and physical health. Distinguished psychologist James W. Pennebaker has spent decades studying what happens when people take just a few minutes to write about deeply felt personal experiences or problems. This lucid,... More Info

The Lonely City

Macmillan | March 1, 2016 | 336 pages
"You can be lonely anywhere, but there is a particular flavor to the loneliness that comes from living in a city, surrounded by thousands of strangers. The Lonely City is a roving cultural history of urban loneliness, centered on the ultimate city: Manhattan, that teeming island of gneiss,... More Info


Toon Books | July 18, 2019 | 40 pages
Stinky, a monster who lives in a swamp, gets upset when a boy named Nick starts hanging around his swamp, and so he tries to scare Nick away.  More Info

Nowhere With You

April 1, 2016 | 220 pages
Joel Plaskett has earned an awful lot of honourifics in his career so far, counting folk hero, indie darling, and national treasure among them. And that’s just since the Halifax musician started making records of his own in 1999. For a decade before that, he was one-quarter of Thrush Hermit, a... More Info

Asia's Cauldron

Random House Trade Paperbacks | January 1, 2015 | 256 pages
Now in trade paperback, from the bestselling author of The Revenge of Geography and Monsoon, comes a vivid snapshot of the nations surrounding the South China Sea, the conflicts brewing in the region at the dawn of the 21st century, and what they could mean for the United States. "Europe is a... More Info


Oxford University Press | May 26, 2011 | 221 pages
"Nature's patterns is a trilogy composed of Shapes, Flow, and Branches."  More Info

Hostage to History

FriesenPress | January 27, 2016 | 186 pages
"People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them." -James Arthur Baldwin People, like you, all over the world are asking a serious question, demanding a credible answer: what happened to Arab culture and its peoples? Elie Mikhael Nasrallah addresses this subject as a son of that... More Info

JFK and the Unspeakable

Simon and Schuster | October 19, 2010 | 560 pages
SSuggests that John F. Kennedy was assassinated because military leaders feared his dedication to peace would result in the United States falling to Russia  More Info

Touching Feeling

Duke University Press | January 17, 2003 | 195 pages
DIVA collection of essays examining theories of affect and how they relate to issues of performance and performativity./div  More Info

The Meaning of the Body

University of Chicago Press | November 15, 2008 | 308 pages
The belief that the mind and the body are separate and that the mind is the source of all meaning has been a part of Western culture for centuries. Both philosophers and scientists have questioned this dualism, but their efforts have rarely converged. Many philosophers continue to rely on... More Info

The Piano Maker

December 29, 2015 | 288 pages
The suspenseful, emotionally resonant, and utterly compelling story of what brings an enigmatic French woman to a small Canadian town in the 1930s, a woman who has found depths of strength in dark times and comes to discover sanctuary at last. For readers of The Imposter Bride, The Cellist of... More Info

Into the Forest

Dial Press Trade Paperbacks | July 18, 1998 | 256 pages
Two sisters survive a near-future apocalypse and retreat into a forest where they relearn what it means to be human  More Info

Every Idea Is a Good Idea

Tarcher | September 25, 2014 | 269 pages
"Every Idea is a Good Idea presents brilliant advice on how to access our creativity from the perspective of someone who has spent over 25 years in the music industry and learned how to recognize talent as the former Head of Creative at Universal Music Publishing"--  More Info

Moving Politics

University of Chicago Press | December 15, 2009 | 536 pages
In the late 1980s, after a decade spent engaged in more routine interest-group politics, thousands of lesbians and gay men responded to the AIDS crisis by defiantly and dramatically taking to the streets. But by the early 1990s, the organization they founded, ACT UP, was no more—even as the AIDS... More Info

An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Psychology Press | July 18, 1996 | 239 pages
"An attempt to explore and of the most important psychoanalytic languages in use today,...developed by the French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan (1901-1981.)"--Preface.  More Info

Ordinary Light

Vintage | March 1, 2016 | 368 pages
In Ordinary Light, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith tells her remarkable story, giving us a quietly potent memoir that explores her coming-of-age and the meaning of home against a complex backdrop of race, faith, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. Here is the story of... More Info

The Post Card

University of Chicago Press | January 1, 1987 | 521 pages
Examines the philosophies of Socrates and Plato, Sigmund Freud's theory of psychoanalysis, and the nature of communication  More Info

The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun

North Atlantic Books | July 18, 2019 | 164 pages
"The retelling of a seminal Mayan tale, with layered commentaries from the author leading the reader to an understanding of the sacred story's deeper meanings and its relevance for contemporary society"--Provided by the publisher.  More Info


July 18, 2019 | 299 pages
"Isabelle Stengers presents us with a new way of understanding a remarkably diverse range of sciences and their relation to a material and living world. Playing with a position both inside the practices that constitute and transform science and outside the sciences as their mode of... More Info

The Book to Come

Stanford University Press | July 18, 2019 | 267 pages
Featuring essays originally published in La Nouvelle Revue Française, this collection clearly demonstrates why Maurice Blanchot was a key figure in exploring the relation between literature and philosophy.  More Info

The Girls

Random House Large Print Publishing | June 14, 2016 | 585 pages
Girls--their vulnerability, strength, and passion to belong--are at the heart of this stunning first novel for readers of Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides and Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad. Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s. At the start of summer, a... More Info