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The arcades project

Belknap Press | March 30, 2002 | 1073 pages
"To great writers," Walter Benjamin once wrote, "finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they labor their entire lives." Conceived in Paris in 1927 and still in progress when Benjamin fled the Occupation in 1940, The Arcades Project (in German, Das Passagen-Werk) is a monumental... More Info

The Technological Society

Vintage | October 12, 1967 | 512 pages
A penetrating analysis of our technical civilization and of the effect of an increasingly standardized culture on the future of man.  More Info

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960

W. W. Norton & Company | July 1, 1997 | 342 pages


Ivan R Dee | May 1, 2002 | 516 pages
Exhaustively researched and written with remarkable balance, the book is a much a social and political history of ninteenth-century European society as it is a biography.  More Info

Space, time and architecture

Harvard Univ Pr | February 28, 2009 | 897 pages
A milestone in modern thought, Space, Time and Architecture has been reissued many times since its first publication in 1941 and translated into half a dozen languages. In this revised edition of Mr. Giedion's classic work, major sections have been added and there are 81 new illustrations. The... More Info

Nature and Destiny of Man, the

Prentice Hall | June 1, 1980 | 328 pages
Arguably Niebuhl's most important work, this book offers a sustained articulation of his theological ethics and is considered a landmark in 20th-century thought. This book issues a challenge to Western civilization to understand its roots in the faith of the Bible. The growth, corruption and... More Info

The historian's craft

Vintage | August 20, 2019 | 224 pages
The eminent historian assesses the value, merits, and purposes of historiography  More Info

The Histories

Everyman's Library | March 25, 1997 | 816 pages
Recounts the causes and history of the wars between the Greek city-states and Persia  More Info

Le théâtre et son double

Grove Pr | August 20, 2019 | 159 pages
A collection of manifestos originally published in 1938, The Theater and Its Double is the fullest statement of the ideas of Antonin Artaud. “We cannot go on prostituting the idea of the theater, the only value of which is in its excruciating, magical relation to reality and danger,” he wrote.... More Info

After virtue

Univ of Notre Dame Pr | August 20, 2019 | 286 pages
Alasdair MacIntyre University of Notre Dame Press; 2007 Paperback; 312 pages 978-0-268-03504-4 When After Virtue first appeared  More Info

The Genuine Works of Hippocrates

Kessinger Pub | July 1, 2007 | 384 pages
Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard-to-find books with something of interest for everyone!  More Info

The King's two bodies

August 20, 2019 | 568 pages
Ernst Hartwig Kantorowicz, William C. Jordan Princeton University Press, 1997 Paperback; 568 pages 9780691017044  More Info

After Christianity

Columbia Univ Pr | May 1, 2002 | 156 pages
In this provocative book, one of Europe's foremost philosophers contemplates the future of religion in the postmodern world.  More Info

Letters from Prison

August 20, 1994 | 16 pages
Antonio Gramsci Edited by Frank Rosengarten Columbia University Press; 1992 Hardcover; 805 pages 978-0-231-07558-9  More Info

The Paul Virilio reader

Columbia Univ Pr | November 1, 2004 | 274 pages
If nothing else, the war in Iraq and the 1991 Gulf War have taught us much about media and technology as key players in how war is waged, packaged for public consumption, and exported in real time to the rest of the globe. A critic of the art of technology, Paul Virilio has keenly observed that... More Info

The bias of communication

Univ of Toronto Pr | August 20, 1991 | 226 pages
One of the most influential books ever published in Canada, Harold A. Innis's The Bias of Communication has played a major part in reshaping our understanding of history, communication, and media theory. First published in 1951, this masterful collection of essays explores the relationship between... More Info

The lonely crowd

Yale Univ Pr | February 8, 2001 | 315 pages
Abridged and revised with a Forward by professor Todd Gitlin, "The Lonely Crowd" is indispensable reading for anyone who wishes to understand the social character of the United States. Its now-classic analysis of the "new middle class" opens exciting new dimensions in our understanding of the... More Info

The scientific voice

The Guilford Press | August 20, 1996 | 459 pages
Tracing the language of science through time and across cultures, Scott Montgomery examines its character, evolution, and cultural origins, and shows the profound influence language has had on scientific thought, discovery, and progress. Drawing on examples from a range of sciences, he shows how... More Info

The cinnamon peeler

Vintage | January 28, 1997 | 208 pages
From the author of Coming Through Slaughter and The English Patient comes an evocative collection of poetry, written between 1963 and 1990. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.  More Info

Mennonite Cookbook

Whitecap Books Ltd | October 1, 2003 | 228 pages
This cookbook has become a favorite with home cooks across Canada who want delicious, convenient and economical dishes that will enhance family meals. Originally published in 1978 by the Altona Women's Institute in Manitoba, it has now been in print for 25 years! Many of the 200 recipes in this... More Info

Remembrance of Things Past: Swann's way. Within a budding grove

Vintage | August 20, 1982 | 1056 pages
One of the great works of Western literature, now in the new definitive French Pleiade edition translated by C.K. Scott Moncrieff and Terence Kilmartin. Volume one includes SWANN'S WAY and WITHIN A BUDDING GROVE.  More Info

Detective Fiction and the Rise of Forensic Science

Cambridge Univ Pr | January 22, 2004 | 364 pages
This is a book about the relationship between the development of forensic science in the nineteenth century and the invention of the new literary genre of detective fiction in Britain and America. Ronald R. Thomas examines the criminal body as a site of interpretation and enforcement in a wide... More Info

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1

W W Norton & Company Incorporated | November 30, 2007 | 650 pages
Collects two volumes of Doyle's short stories starring Sherlock Holmes, each of which is annotated to provide definitions and further explanations of Sherlock's theories, as well as literary and cultural details about Victorian society.  More Info

Mirror of the martyrs

August 20, 1990 | 96 pages
Some four centuries ago, thousands of Christians died because they dared to refuse to join the state church in medieval Europe. Their reading of the Holy Bible and their consciences led them to believe that church membership should be a voluntary, adult decision. These believers died public,... More Info

Empire and Communications

Dundurn | January 1, 2007 | 287 pages
It's been said that without Harold A. Innis there could have been no Marshall McLuhan. Empire and Communications is one of Innis's most important contributions to the debate about how media influence the development of consciousness and societies. In this seminal text, he traces humanity's movement... More Info

On the Origin of Species

Oxford University Press, USA | February 1, 2009 | 432 pages
Charles Darwin explains his theories of evolution by natural selection.  More Info

Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory

Univ of Michigan Pr | August 1, 2007 | 512 pages
As sites of documentary preservation rooted in various national and social contexts, artifacts of culture, and places of uncovering, archives provide tangible evidence of memory for individuals, communities, and states, as well as defining memory institutionally within prevailing political systems... More Info

Extreme Beauty

Metropolitan Museum of Art | February 9, 2004 | 192 pages
This beautiful and thought-provoking book presents many of the extraordinary and diverse transformations that the body has endured in fashion over time and across cultures. It demonstrates that an undeniable beauty abides throughout the subtle and the radical manipulations that have occurred as... More Info

The scandal of the speaking body

Stanford Univ Pr | August 20, 1983 | 150 pages
Imagining an encounter between Moliëre's Don Juan and Austin, this bold yet subtle meditation contemplates the seductive promises of speech and of love, in a telling exchange among philosophy, linguistics, literature, and Lacanian theory.  More Info

The ego in Freud's theory and in the technique of psychoanalysis, 1954-1955

W. W. Norton & Company | January 17, 1991 | 343 pages
A complete translation of the seminar that Jacques Lacan gave in the course of a year's teaching within the training programme of the Socie'te' Francaise de Psychanalyse. The French text was prepared by Jacques-Alain Miller in consultation with Jacques Lacan, from the transcriptions of the seminar.  More Info

Harold Innis in the New Century

McGill Queens Univ | August 20, 1999 | 435 pages
A collection of original essays that moves beyond the prevalent view of Harold Innis as a technological determinist, Harold Innis in the New Century brings his innovative ideas to bear upon a variety of contemporary issues, such as postmodernism, liberalism, gender, and cultural policy.  More Info

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Book XVII: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis

W. W. Norton & Company | November 27, 2007 | 224 pages
Revolutionary and innovative, Lacan's work lies at the epicenter of modern thought about otherness, subjectivity, sexual difference, and enjoyment.  More Info

The fur trade in Canada

Univ of Toronto Pr | March 20, 1999 | 463 pages
A classic work of Canadian historical scholarship, first published in 1930. In his new introduction, A.J. Ray states that this book is argueably the most definitive economic history and geography of Canada ever produced.  More Info