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Waiting for Sophie

April 3, 2017 | 48 pages
Waiting for a new baby is hard, and waiting for her to grow up into a playmate is even harder. Luckily Liam s Nana is just downstairs and always ready help. When the two of them build a Get-Older-Faster Machine, Liam is surprised to find it s not Sophie who does the most growing up."  More Info

Two Animal Tales from Africa

Collins | January 3, 2017 | 48 pages
Two beautifully told traditional tales by Beverley Birch. 'The Water Thief' is about the mischievous antics of Hyena and how crafty Tortoise plays him at his own game. 'Lumbwi and the Gazelle' is about a moving friendship, but when Lumbwi embarks on a new life he seems to forget about his old... More Info

Snow White and Rose Red

Collins | January 3, 2017 | 32 pages
A traditional tale from Germany, about two sisters and their friendship with a bear, who turns out to be not at all what he seems. Copper/Band 12 books provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina. Text type: A traditional tale Curriculum links: English: fairy... More Info

Daisy Dreamer and the World of Make-Believe

Little Simon | April 4, 2017 | 128 pages
Hi! I’m Daisy Dreamer and my totally true imaginary friend Posey invited me to his amazing world of make believe! Oh, and you’re totally invited, too! Remember me? Daisy Dreamer? Of course you do, silly! And you remember my totally true imaginary friend, Posey, too. Obviously! But did you know... More Info

Daisy Dreamer and the Totally True Imaginary Friend

Little Simon | April 4, 2017 | 128 pages
Hi! I’m Daisy Dreamer and this story is all about how I met Posey, my totally true imaginary friend. Hi, I’m Daisy Dreamer. People call me the girl with her head in the clouds because I daydream some of the time…or maybe most the time. But isn’t that what makes life so…well, dreamy?... More Info

Invasion of the Insects

Little Simon | March 7, 2017 | 128 pages
In this sixth DATA Set adventure the kids get shrunk down and go on a buggy adventure across Bunsen’s backyard. The town of Newtonburg has been invaded by all sorts of creepy-crawlies from mosquitoes to bees to ants and more! What’s worse is that they are all mysteriously swarming toward Dr.... More Info

Girl Detective: A Friday Barnes Mystery

Square Fish | January 17, 2017 | 288 pages
Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was an eleven-year-old girl! When Friday Barnes, girl genius, solves a bank robbery, she uses the reward money to send herself to Highcrest Academy, the most exclusive boarding school in the country—and discovers it's a hotbed of crime! Soon she's investigating... More Info

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Square Fish | January 4, 2011 | 352 pages
Calpurnia Virginia Tate is eleven years old in 1899 when she wonders why the yellow grasshoppers in her Texas backyard are so much bigger than the green ones.With a little help from her notoriously cantankerous grandfather, an avid naturalist, she figures out that the green grasshoppers are easier... More Info

The Crane Girl

Shen's Books | March 15, 2017 | 40 pages
A boy helps an injured crane, that then returns in human form to weave silk and save the boy and his father from poverty. Adapted from Japanese folktales and told in alternating prose and haiku.  More Info


Katherine Tegen Books | April 4, 2017 | 288 pages
From the beloved illustrator and author of A Nest for Celeste comes Brambleheart, a beautiful tale about nature, imagination, and how love is the greatest thing we build. With stunning black-and-white artwork and a gorgeous package, Henry Cole’s animal fantasy adventure harkens back to Brian... More Info

Town Is by the Sea

April 11, 2017 | 52 pages
A young boy wakes up to the sound of the sea, visits his grandfather s grave after lunch and comes home to a cozy dinner with his family, but all the while his mind strays to his father digging for coal deep down under the sea. Stunning illustrations by Sydney Smith, the award-winning illustrator... More Info

King of the Bench: No Fear!

HarperCollins | March 28, 2017 | 224 pages
From the nationally syndicated cartoonist of “In the Bleachers” comes a new, highly illustrated middle grade series about Steve, who plays the same position in every sport: bench-warmer. Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Timmy Failure, King of the Bench is an ode to teammates,... More Info


April 1, 2017 | 32 pages
Love shines through in the sticky notes shared between a mother and daughter in this picture book about making time for family in the midst of our busy lives. Between work and school, homework and housework, a mother and daughter don’t always get to spend as much time together as they’d like.... More Info


HarperTrophy | April 4, 2017 | 192 pages
Yes, Imre is undead, the principal said. And we all know the Z word. We hear it all the time. But it s an unkind word. A bad word. I do not want you to use it. You are the oldest ones here at Westwood. I am counting on you to set an example for the rest of the school. He stood behind Imre, his... More Info


Abrams Books for Young Readers | April 11, 2017 | 80 pages
"Translated from the Polish Pszczoty by Agnes Monod-Gayraud."  More Info


HarperTeen | April 4, 2017 | 560 pages
From New York Times bestselling author Cinda Williams Chima, this is a thrilling story of the unfathomable costs of war, the allure of dark magic, and two principled and conflicted characters drawn together despite everything they stand to lose. Alyssa ana’Raisa, the reluctant princess heir to... More Info

Fancy Nancy: JoJo and the Big Mess

HarperCollins | March 28, 2017 | 32 pages
Fancy Nancy’s little sister, JoJo, stars in her My First I Can Read debut! From bestselling author-illustrator team Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser comes JoJo, Fancy Nancy’s little sister. JoJo adores making messes, but when her pillow fight gets too messy, Daddy is unhappy. After... More Info

Fancy Nancy: JoJo and the Magic Trick

HarperCollins | March 28, 2017 | 32 pages
Fancy Nancy’s little sister, JoJo, stars in her My First I Can Read debut! From bestselling author-illustrator team Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser comes JoJo, Fancy Nancy’s little sister. JoJo wants to do magic. She has both her magic wand and her magic cape ready to go. But how can... More Info

Superman Classic: Bizarro's Last Laugh

HarperCollins | March 28, 2017 | 32 pages
Kids who love action-packed stories will be excited to see Superman—and his cousin, Supergirl—face off against Bizarro in this brand-new DC Comics I Can Read book! When Bizarro starts terrorizing Metropolis, it’s up to Superman to set the backwards villain straight. With a little help from... More Info

Mighty Truck: Muddymania!

HarperCollins | March 28, 2017 | 32 pages
Disney’s Cars meets Superman with Mighty Truck: Muddymania, the second picture book in this series about an ordinary truck with extraordinary power! Whenever there’s trouble in Axelburg, Clarence is ready to pump up, rev up, and transform into Mighty Truck to save the day! But when there’s... More Info

None of the Above

Balzer + Bray | April 4, 2017 | 352 pages
No summary available.


Enchanted Lion Books | April 11, 2017 | 80 pages
A charming, touching story about an imaginative, introverted boy whose best friend is an old oak named Bertolt.  More Info

The Odd Egg

Macmillan Children's Books | March 24, 2017 | 14 pages
Emily Gravett's gorgeous story in an eggcellent board book format!The perfect board book gift for Easter - with a cheeky twist!All the birds have eggs to hatch. All except Duck. When Duck is delighted to find an egg of his own to look after: it's the most beautiful egg in the whole world! But all... More Info

Orange Pear Apple Bear

Macmillan Children's Books | February 23, 2017 | 22 pages
An orange, a pear, an apple - and a bear. Deliciously simple. Perfectly fun.Delight in a beautifully realised and very funny exploration of colour, the relationship between different objects and the power of the imagination in this sturdy hardback board book version of the classic.Orange Pear Apple... More Info

Ready, Set, Blast Off!

Little Simon | March 28, 2017 | 128 pages
Zack and his friends zoom across the galaxy for the Interstellar Space Race in this fifteenth Galaxy Zack adventure. When the Sprockets Academy Zoomers enter the Intergalactic Space Race, Zack and his friends are in for an epic race adventure across the galaxy. It’s time to navigate through an... More Info


Owlkids | April 11, 2017 | 24 pages
Around the world, little ones are carried in many different ways: in slings, on shoulders, in backpacks, on hips, in baskets, and in loving arms. Up! depicts ten places around the world, from Afghanistan to northern Canada, Peru to West Africa. In each place, a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle,... More Info

Milo and Georgie

April 11, 2017 | 32 pages
When Milo s family moves to a new city, he vows to officially retire from having fun. So he stays inside for days while his little sister, Georgie, yearns to explore the new neighborhood. Finally, Milo ties Georgie to the end of a ball of yarn so she can go out, on one condition: she has to come... More Info

Phoebe Sounds It Out

April 11, 2017 | 32 pages
Meet Phoebe. Unfortunately, her name doesn t look quite like it sounds. At school, her classmates practice writing their names, but Phoebe struggles. Her teacher tells her to just sound it out. Phoebe doubts herself and procrastinates before resolving to try. Readers are privy to her funny,... More Info

Lift-the-Flap First Questions and Answers How Do I See?

January 1, 2017 | 12 pages
A brilliant introduction to not only how we see but all the senses; how we see, hear, smell, taste and feel things, based on lots of of the sorts of questions raised by inquisitive young minds. The colourful illustrations, large and simple text and chunky flaps reveal the answers to questions,... More Info

40 Things I Want To Tell You

HarperTrophy | March 21, 2017 | 320 pages
Amy (a.k.a. Bird) seems to have the perfect life: loving parents, a hot boyfriend, the best friend ever. She even writes an online advice column, full of Top Tips, to help other teens take control of their lives. But after a new guy shows up at school, Bird can’t seem to follow her own wisdom.... More Info

Darkmouth #2: Worlds Explode

HarperCollins | March 21, 2017 | 480 pages
No summary available.

Level 4

Qeb Publishing Quarto Library | January 1, 2017 | 32 pages
Coding techniques are developed further and readers learn how to create code that can run in web pages. Introduces basic HTML and JavaScript.  More Info

Level 3

Qeb Publishing Quarto Library | January 1, 2017 | 32 pages
Takes coding further by showing how to use selection in coding ('if' statements) and how to use more sophisticated languages like Python.  More Info

Level 2

Qeb Publishing Quarto Library | January 1, 2017 | 32 pages
Builds on basic coding and introduces loops and repetition. Shows how variables are used in programs so that readers can begin to build programs and games.  More Info

Level 1

Qeb Publishing Quarto Library | January 1, 2017 | 32 pages
Introduces the basic principles of coding. Learn how to give instructions and turn instructions into code. Figure out how to debug code, solve problems and use algorithms.  More Info

La Princesse Dans un Sac

April 1, 2017 | 28 pages
See below for English description. Un classique maintenant en format tout carton! Après avoir perdu tous ses biens, incluant son prince charmant adoré, enlevé par un méchant dragon, une princesse, vêtue d'un vulgaire sac en papier, part à la recherche de son amoureux. À coups de ruses et... More Info

How I Love You, Daddy

February 28, 2017 | 24 pages
Lovely illustrations and playful text showcase a variety of sweet, adventurous little animals and their loving fathers. Little Polar Bear chases Daddy over the snow and Little Wild Hare jumps higher than Daddy's ears! As all of the little animals get ready for bedtime they all have their special... More Info

Le Koala Qui Ne Voulait Pas

April 1, 2017 | 32 pages
See below for English description. Voici Kévin. Ce koala aime bien que les choses restent toujours PAREILLES. EXACTEMENT pareilles. Un jour, un changement survient soudainement. Kévin découvrira-t-il quelque chose de NOUVEAU et AMUSANT? Un drôle de conte sur l'ouverture au changement, des... More Info


Scholastic Incorporated | December 27, 2016 | 256 pages
This harrowing tale of supernatural suspense kicks off a new series from the visionary mind of #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Scott Westerfeld. When a plane crash-lands in the arctic, eight young survivors step from the wreckage expecting to see nothing but ice and snow. Instead they find... More Info


Point | March 28, 2017 | 288 pages
Linden Wilson, aspiring writer, is a junior at Sam Houston High School, and she has just started dating handsome Alex Garcia when a mysterious app called "Worthy," which ranks couples at the high school via user comments, turns her life upside down by labeling her as "unworthy" of Alex--and... More Info

Kill the Boy Band

Point | March 28, 2017 | 320 pages
Just know from the start that it wasn't supposed to go like this. All we wanted was to get near them. That's why we got a room in the hotel where they were staying. We were not planning to kidnap one of them. Especially not the most useless one. But we had him-his room key, his cell phone, and his... More Info

Old Turtle

Scholastic Press | March 28, 2017 | 56 pages
Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? How do we find happiness? Once again, Old Turtle's wise answers offer readers of all ages inspiration, solace, and the most important gift of all -- hope. Timed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the publication of the national bestseller Old... More Info

Candy Kingdom Chaos

Aladdin | March 21, 2017 | 96 pages
Help Nancy and her friends solve a sweet mystery at the new Candy Kingdom amusement park in the seventh book in the interactive Nancy Drew Clue Book mystery series. The new Candy Kingdom theme park is opening in River Heights and Nancy, Bess, and George can’t wait! The park is supposed to have... More Info


Wide Eyed Editions | March 2, 2017 | 32 pages
The biggest maze book to hit shelves this year! Explore worlds made of plants, giant skyscrapers, wild habitats, and futuristic cities, in this book that asks you to trace your way through 14 magical mazes. With things to spot along the way, each maze grows in complexity with every turn of the... More Info

Agatha Christie

Frances Lincoln Children's Bks | March 2, 2017 | 32 pages
In the Little People, Big Dreams series, discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists. All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream. The book follows Agatha Christie, who taught herself to read at... More Info

Here We Are

Algonquin Books | January 24, 2017 | 240 pages
"A scrapbook-style teen guide to understanding what it really means to be a feminist packed with contributions from a diverse range of voices, including celebrities and public figures, and featuring more than forty-four pieces"--  More Info

Crown of Three

Simon and Schuster | February 9, 2016 | 432 pages
Family secrets combine with fantasy in this epic tale of battle, magic, strange creatures, power, and fate—a Game of Thrones for a younger audience. Separated at birth triplets, Tarlan, Elodie, and Gulph, have grown up knowing nothing about each other. However, an ancient prophecy says that the... More Info

Return to Ribblestrop

Beach Lane Books | January 3, 2017 | 368 pages
A new school year means new trouble in this rollicking sequel to Ribblestrop, which has the “crazy-school appeal of Hogwarts and the grim humor of Lemony Snicket” (The Independent). The headmaster at Ribblestrop is hoping for a bit more organization as a new term gets underway. But secrets... More Info

I Lost My Sock!

March 14, 2017 | 24 pages
" I lost my sock! says Fox. Have you seen it? " So begins Ox s ridiculous attempts to help Fox find his missing sock. He presents each new option just before the page turn so the reader has a moment to decide for him or herself whether Ox has, in fact, found Fox s sock. At its heart, "I Lost My... More Info

A Good Day for a Hat

Abrams Appleseed | March 1, 2017 | 32 pages
"This is a picture book for very young children about having just the right hat, no matter what the occasion"--  More Info