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A Bun in the Oven

NYU Press | March 22, 2016 | 256 pages
There are people dedicated to improving the way we eat, and people dedicated to improving the way we give birth. A Bun in the Oven is the first comparison of these two social movements. The food movement has seemingly exploded, but little has changed in the diet of most Americans. And while... More Info

On Being Raped

April 5, 2016 | 112 pages
A searing personal and political cri de coeur against the terrible crime we either joke about or ignore: the rape of adult men When Raymond M. Douglas was an eighteen-year-old living in Europe, he was brutally raped by a Catholic priest. He eventually moved to the United States and became a highly... More Info

The Gender Creative Child: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes

Experiment | April 5, 2016 | 304 pages
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Women of Will

Vintage | March 8, 2016 | 352 pages
"From one of the country's foremost experts on Shakespeare and theatre arts, actor, director, and master teacher Tina Packer offers an exploration--fierce, funny, fearless--of the women of Shakespeare's plays. A profound, and profoundly illuminating, book that gives us the playwright's changing... More Info

Just Life

March 1, 2016 | 296 pages
Just Life reorients ethics and politics around the generativity of mothers and daughters rather than the right to property and the sexual proprieties of the Oedipal drama. Invoking two concrete universals--everyone is born of a woman and everyone needs to eat--Rawlinson rethinks labor and food as... More Info

The Wedding Heard 'Round the World

January 15, 2016 | 200 pages
On September 3, 1971, Michael McConnell and Jack Baker exchanged vows in the first legal same-sex wedding in the United States. Their remarkable story is told here for the first time--a unique account of the passion and energy of the gay liberation movement in the sixties and seventies. At the dawn... More Info

Brave Girls

Simon and Schuster | January 12, 2016 | 304 pages
“A solid resource for parents and educators” (Kirkus Reviews), Brave Girls is an empowering guide to cultivating confident, passionate, and powerful young leaders during the most formative stage of life: the middle school years. After years of research as a psychologist and consultant for women... More Info


November 6, 2015 | 288 pages
The staggering string of victories by the gay rights movement’s campaign for marriage equality raises questions not only about how gay people have been able to successfully deploy marriage to elevate their social and legal reputation, but also what kind of freedom and equality the ability to... More Info

Queer Brown Voices

University of Texas Press | September 1, 2015 | 272 pages
In the last three decades of the twentieth century, LGBT Latinas/os faced several forms of discrimination. The greater Latino community did not often accept sexual minorities, and the mainstream LGBT movement expected everyone, regardless of their ethnic and racial background, to adhere to a... More Info

The Sexual Politics of Meat

Bloomsbury Academic | October 22, 2015 | 352 pages
The Sexual Politics of Meat is Carol Adams' inspiring and controversial exploration of the interplay between contemporary society's ingrained cultural misogyny and its obsession with meat and masculinity. First published in 1990, the book has continued to change the lives of tens of thousands of... More Info


March 1, 2016 | 128 pages
Women banana workers in Latin America have organised themselves and gained increasing control over their unions, their workplaces and their lives. Highly accessible and narrative in style, Bananeras recounts the history and growth of this vital movement and shows how Latin American women workers... More Info

The Gutsy Girl

Bloomsbury USA | March 1, 2016 | 160 pages
Why should girls miss out on the joy of adventure? They can jump off rocks, swing on ropes, and climb trees just as well as boys can. But girls often allow fear to stand in their way. In The Gutsy Girl, author Caroline Paul emboldens girls to seek out a life of exhilaration. Once a young... More Info

Beyond Mothers, Monsters, Whores

August 13, 2015 | 304 pages
When we discuss violent acts committed by women, our responses are almost always rooted in deeply gendered assumptions about women. We express surprise and shock that a woman could be capable of such an act--a reaction that relies on a long history of unspoken assumptions about what is proper... More Info

Revolutionary Mothering

February 1, 2016 | 224 pages
An anthology that gives access to the voices of mothers of color and marginalized mothers Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines is an anthology that centers mothers of color and marginalized mothers' voices--women who are in a world of necessary transformation. The challenges faced by... More Info

Captive Genders

A K PressDistribution | October 13, 2015 | 425 pages
Groundbreaking account of trans and gender-queer people within the Prison Industrial Complex. Updated and expanded.  More Info

My Life on the Road

Random House Incorporated | October 27, 2015 | 304 pages
"Gloria Steinem had an itinerant childhood. Every fall, her father would pack the family into the car and they would drive across the country, in search of their next adventure. The seeds were planted: Steinem would spend much of her life on the road, as a journalist, organizer, activist, and... More Info

My Life, My Body

PM Press | September 1, 2015 | 128 pages
In a candid and intimate new collection of essays, poems, memoirs, reviews, rants, and railerries, Marge Piercy discusses her own development as a working-class feminist, the highs and lows of TV culture, the ego dances of a writer's life, the homeless and the housewife, Allen Ginsberg and Marilyn... More Info

And Then I Danced

OpenLens | October 6, 2015 | 400 pages
A dramatic and inspirational memoir from one of the world's top leaders of the movement for gay and lesbian equality.  More Info

Dirty River

Arsenal Pulp PressLtd | October 1, 2015 | 240 pages
A transformative memoir by a queer disabled woman of colour and abuse survivor. In 1996, poet Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, carrying only two backpacks, caught a Greyhound bus in America and ran away to Canada. She ended up in Toronto, where she was welcomed by a community of queer punks of... More Info


September 22, 2015 | 208 pages
Moving memoir and insightful examination of transgender politics "TRANS" is the story of growing up, of finding an identity, and about the politics of gender. In July 2012, aged thirty, Juliet Jacques underwent sex reassignment surgery and felt for the first time that her body matched the person... More Info

Contesting Intersex

NYU Press | August 11, 2015 | 240 pages
When sociologist Georgiann Davis was a teenager, her doctors discovered that she possessed XY chromosomes, marking her as intersex. Rather than share this information with her, they withheld the diagnosis in order to “protect” the development of her gender identity; it was years before Davis... More Info

The Social Sex

Harper Perennial | September 22, 2015 | 400 pages
From historian and acclaimed feminist author of How the French Invented Love and A History of the Wife comes this rich, multifaceted history of the evolution of female friendship. In today’s culture, the bonds of female friendship are taken as a given. But only a few centuries ago, the idea of... More Info

Lady Constance Lytton

Biteback Pub | March 12, 2015 | 356 pages
The extraordinary and captivating story of Lady Constance Lytton, born an aristocrat and heroine of the women's suffrage movement.  More Info

Men Explain Things to Me

April 14, 2015 | 171 pages
A landmark essay that went viral, inspired the word ?mansplaining,” and prompted fierce arguments.  More Info

Growing Into Resilience

September 30, 2015 | 352 pages
Despite recent progress in civil rights for sexual and gender minorities (SGM), ensuring SGM youth experience fairness, justice, inclusion, safety, and security in their schools and communities remains an ongoing challenge. In Growing into Resilience, André P. Grace and Kristopher Wells -... More Info

Aimee & Jaguar

Harper Perennial | September 1, 2015 | 384 pages
A newly repackaged edition of the lesbian love story set against Nazi-occupied Germany that served as  More Info

Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance

Zed Books | May 14, 2015 | 272 pages
Since the end of 2010, when a wave of mass protests and uprisings swept across the Arab world, there has been unprecedented media attention to Arab women and their role in regional political transformations. Yet, this large body of commentary and speculation has yet to culminate in a substantial... More Info

Practicing Feminist Political Ecologies

Zed Books | May 14, 2015 | 336 pages
This timely and important book launches the Zed Books 'Gender, Development and Environment' series. In challenging the discourse around the green economy the book is an important new contribution to environmental studies. Destined to be the next big feminist political ecology text, the volume... More Info

Not Gay

NYU Press | July 31, 2015 | 240 pages
A straight white girl can kiss a girl, like it, and still call herself straight—her boyfriend may even encourage her. But can straight white guys experience the same easy sexual fluidity, or would kissing a guy just mean that they are really gay?  More Info


January 1, 2015 | 112 pages
In 2006, the government of India promoted Aadhaar, a biometric identification system, which has now reached 650 million people. The aim of the scheme was to establish a biometric registry to provide a unique identity to all individuals, women and men, in the country. It was expected that this... More Info

The Big Feminist But

March 1, 2014 | 200 pages
"What do we really mean when we start a sentence with the disclaimers, 'I am not a feminst BUT...' or 'I am 100% a feminist BUT...'? What do our great big 'BUTS...' say about where things stand between the sexes in the 21st century? We asked some of the most talented ladies (and gentlemen) working... More Info

The No-nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity

Between the Lines(CA) | August 18, 2019 | 159 pages
Demystifies the colours of the sexual rainbow.  More Info

I Am Malala

Back Bay Books | June 2, 2015 | 368 pages
A MEMOIR BY THE YOUNGEST RECIPIENT OF THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE "I come from a country that was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday." When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her... More Info

Death in the Shape of a Young Girl

NYU Press | April 24, 2015 | 352 pages
In the early 1970s, a number of West German left-wing activists took up arms, believing that revolution would lead to social change. In the years to come, the bombings, shootings, kidnappings and bank robberies of the Red Army Faction (RAF) and Movement 2nd June dominated newspaper headlines and... More Info

Rad American Women A-Z

City Lights Publishers | April 1, 2015 | 64 pages
"This is not a book. This is a guest list for a party of my heroes. Thank you for inviting us."--Lemony Snicket, author ofA Series of Unfortunate Events books "I feel honored to be included in this book. Women need to take radical steps to become feminists, and to be strong to fight for their... More Info


Crown | April 21, 2015 | 336 pages
"A single woman considers her life, the life of the bold single ladies who have gone before her, and the long arc of slowly changing attitudes towards women"--  More Info

The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book

PM Press | June 1, 2015 | 64 pages
Grab your crayons and your backpack for a fantastical journey through The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book, an activity book for adults that highlights memorable victories and collective moments in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and pansexual culture. Each unique page, made... More Info

Femocratic Administration

University of Toronto Press | April 7, 2015 | 304 pages
Femocratic Administration examines the gendered nature of public administration through a study of the Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD) between 1985 and 2000. Analysing the OWD from the perspective of feminist political economy, this book combines a detailed case study with a theoretical framework... More Info

The Opposite of Loneliness

Scribner | April 14, 2015 | 256 pages
The instant New York Times bestseller and publishing phenomenon: Marina Keegan’s posthumous collection of award-winning essays and stories “sparkles with talent, humanity, and youth” (O, The Oprah Magazine). Marina Keegan’s star was on the rise when she graduated magna cum laude from Yale... More Info

This Bridge Called My Back, Fourth Edition: Writings by Radical Women of Color

Suny Press | March 1, 2015 | 380 pages
Updated and expanded edition of the foundational text of women of color feminism.  More Info

Beyond Explicit

Suny Press | January 2, 2015 | 242 pages
Develops a novel characterization of the pornographic as a cultural concept.  More Info

Already Doing It

April 1, 2015 | 288 pages
Why is the sexuality of people with intellectual disabilities often deemed "risky" or "inappropriate" by teachers, parents, support staff, medical professionals, judges, and the media? Should sexual citizenship depend on IQ? Confronting such questions head-on, Already Doing It exposes the "sexual... More Info

Hammer Head

W. W. Norton | March 16, 2015 | 240 pages
Combining sage advice from Ovid and Mary Oliver with practical descriptions of tools and varieties of wood, the author, who quit her desk job to become a carpenter, shares her joys and frustrations of learning to make things by hand in an occupation that is 99% male.  More Info

Women's History

Canadian Plains Research Center | July 30, 2014 | 500 pages
This fifth volume of the History of the Prairie West Series contains a broad range of articles spanning the 1870s to the present and examines the mostly unexplored place of women in the history of the Canada's Prairie Provinces. From "Spinsters Need Not Apply" to "Negotiating Sex: Gender in the... More Info

A Call to Action

Simon & Schuster | March 10, 2015 | 224 pages
In the highly acclaimed bestselling A Call to Action, President Jimmy Carter addresses the world’s most serious, pervasive, and ignored violation of basic human rights: the ongoing discrimination and violence against women and girls. President Carter was encouraged to write this book by a wide... More Info

1 Way 2 C the World

June 1, 2009 | 230 pages
Marilyn Waring is a truly absorbing figure known as a distinguished public intellectual, a leading feminist thinker, environmentalist, social justice activist, and for her early political career after election to New Zealands parliament at age twenty-three. Assembling some of her most... More Info

Once in a House on Fire

Pan Macmillan Adult | September 23, 2014 | 368 pages
Set in 1970s Manchester, Once in a House on Fire tells the true story of three sisters and their mother, a close-knit and loving family forced to battle with poverty, abuse and the effects of depression. Beautifully written and deeply inspiring, with a new afterword by Andrea Ashworth, it is a book... More Info

We Should All Be Feminists

Anchor Books | February 1, 2015 | 64 pages
In this personal, eloquently-argued essay--adapted from her much-admired TEDx talk of the same name--Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, award-winning author of Americanah, offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century, one rooted in inclusion and awareness. Drawing extensively... More Info

I Am Not a Slut

Harper Perennial | February 3, 2015 | 416 pages
Young women today are encouraged to express themselves sexually. Yet when they do, they are derided as "sluts." Caught in a double bind of mixed sexual messages, they're confused.  More Info

Women's Estate

Verso Books | January 1, 2015 | 192 pages
Combining the energy of the early seventies feminist liberation movement, with the perceptive analyses of the trained theorist, Woman's Estate is one of the most influential socialist feminist statements of its time. Scrutinizing the political background of the movement, its sources and its common... More Info