Category: Environmental politics

Climate Wars

Polity | February 28, 2012 | 288 pages
Struggles over drinking water, new outbreaks of mass violence, ethnic cleansing, civil wars in the earth’s poorest countries, endless flows of refugees: these are the new conflicts and forces shaping the world of the 21st century. They no longer hinge on ideological rivalries between great powers... More Info

Worldchanging, Revised and Updated Edition

Harry N. Abrams | April 1, 2011 | 600 pages
Provides information on the latest trends and technologies in sustainable living and the green movement.  More Info

Design Like You Give a Damn [2]

Harry N Abrams Incorporated | April 1, 2012 | 336 pages
Design Like You Give a Damn [2] is the indispensable handbook for anyone committed to building a more sustainable future. Following the success of their first book, Architecture for Humanity brings readers the next edition, with more than 100 projects from around the world. Packed with practical... More Info

The slums of Aspen

New York Univ Pr | September 1, 2011 | 275 pages
Environmentalism usually calls to mind images of peace and serenity, a oneness with nature, and a shared sense of responsibility. But one town in Colorado, under the guise of environmental protection, passed a resolution limiting immigration, bolstering the privilege of the wealthy and scapegoating... More Info

Everyday Environmentalism

U of Minnesota Press | January 30, 2012 | 165 pages
A bold rethinking of urban political ecology  More Info

Global Climate Change

Duke Univ Pr | June 16, 2011 | 160 pages
Discusses the major elements of global change and the current debate.  More Info

Mobilizing the Green Imagination

New Society Pub | May 1, 2012 | 192 pages
Elegant and audacious possibilities that push the boundaries of contemporary environmentalism  More Info

Tales From the Sustainable Underground

New Society Pub | November 15, 2011 | 189 pages
This thought-provoking book collects stories about activists who, striving for any type of social change, have operated on the fringes of legal and social norms, providing a rare glimpse into the societal structures that are preventing us from attaining a more sustainable world. Original.  More Info

Urban meltdown

New Society Pub | May 1, 2007 | 251 pages
Stopping global warming isn't about better planning, it's about politics.  More Info

Climate Change

Groundwood Books Ltd | August 28, 2007 | 144 pages
Examines the causes and implications of global warming and discusses such topics as the role of everyday choices and the policy-making practices of governments and industries.  More Info

The Great Penguin Rescue

Free Pr | August 16, 2011 | 320 pages
On June 23, 2000, the iron ore carrier MV Treasure foundered off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, spilling 1,300 tons of oil into the ocean and contaminating the habitat of 75,000 penguins—thus threatening to decimate 41 percent of the world’s population of African penguins. A massive... More Info

The Big Thirst

Free Pr | February 14, 2012 | 416 pages
Explores every facet of water and examines the issues surrounding water scarcity and what can be done to ensure that humans have plenty of clean water in the future. By the best-selling author of The Wal-Mart Effect. Reprint.  More Info

Critical Urban Studies

Suny Press | July 2, 2011 | 220 pages
Essays reevaluating and challenging the critiques of the urban studies field  More Info


Firefly Books Ltd | June 1, 1999 | 152 pages
Outlines the water cycle and other natural cycles that affect the water supply, the causes and consequences of various types of pollution, and related topics, and suggests methods of countering potential problems.  More Info

Dry Spring

Raincoast Book Dist Ltd | March 1, 2008 | 383 pages
Makes predictions about an imminent water-shortage crisis in North America, exploring the ways in which communities have the potential to be devastated by both droughts and floods, in an account that also makes recommendations for preventing the crisis. Original.  More Info

Empire of the Beetle

Greystone Books | August 23, 2011 | 240 pages
Beginning in the late 1980s, a series of pine beetle (also known as the bark beetle) outbreaks unsettled iconic forests and communities across western North America. An insect the size of a rice kernel eventually killed more than 30 billion pine and spruce trees from Alaska to New Mexico. The pine... More Info

Here on Earth

March 28, 2011 | 320 pages
No summary available.

Bringing It to the Table

Counterpoint Press | August 18, 2009 | 234 pages
Introduction by Michael Pollan  More Info

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

Conari Press | November 15, 2009 | 208 pages
Examines the rationalizations used by humans to condone the slaying of certain animals for food and clothing, describing inhumane practices of animal slaughter, healths risks, and myths about meat eating.  More Info

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

NYU Press | June 1, 2011 | 187 pages
Praise for Foster and Magdoff's The Great Financial Crisis: In this timely and thorough analysis of the current financial crisis, Foster and Magdoff explore its roots and the radical changes that might be undertaken in response. . . .  More Info

Plastic Ocean

Avery Publishing Group | October 27, 2011 | 358 pages
A passionate environmental call to arms documents the author's 1997 short-cut voyage through the seldom-traversed North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, where he discovered the planet's largest garbage dump and resolved to raise awareness about the toxic impact of plastic waste in the world's oceans.  More Info

Toxic Free

J P Tarcher | September 8, 2011 | 272 pages
Discusses the hidden toxic chemicals present in homes, their varying degrees of danger, and methods for eliminating them in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way.  More Info

The Conundrum

Riverhead Books | February 7, 2012 | 261 pages
The author of Green Metropolis outlines a practical contrarian manifesto on modern environmental issues that challenges perceptions that current practices will be sufficient, revealing startling facts and ways to apply initially counter-intuitive but ultimately beneficial methods for securing a... More Info

Food Rules

Penguin Press | November 1, 2011 | 203 pages
Presents a set of rules for eating wisely in accordance with a variety of ethnic and cultural traditions, sharing guidelines for making grocery choices and dining out.  More Info

Shell game

The Lyons Press | April 1, 2007 | 258 pages
When author Veron's family learns that a lease with Shell Oil for land it owned in western Louisiana had expired it opened a controversy that took nine years to resolve. This is a David and Goliath tale of duplicity, environmental chaos, and legal bullying.  More Info

Evolution in a Toxic World

March 30, 2012 | 232 pages
With BPA in baby bottles, mercury in fish, and lead in computer monitors, the world has become a toxic place. But as Emily Monosson demonstrates in her groundbreaking new book, it has always been toxic. When oxygen first developed in Earth's atmosphere, it threatened the very existence of life: now... More Info

Clean Energy

Flash Point | March 16, 2010 | 44 pages
Discusses alternative energy sources, including solar power, wind power, and biofuels, and the importance of developing such sustainable sources of energy.  More Info

The World According to Monsanto

January 3, 2012 | 384 pages
Hailed as ?a truly eye-opening view of how American business-as-usual really works” by the Daily Kos and ?an alarming and uncompromising investigation” by Le Monde, The World According to Monsanto charts award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin's three-year journey... More Info

Made from Scratch

Storey Books | May 7, 2010 | 200 pages
Recounting her own journey toward self-reliance, the author describes her escape from consumer-driven culture by moving from the city to a farmhouse and offers practical suggestions for readers in any setting on how to achieve self-reliance through the development of simple skills ranging from... More Info

The Locavore Way

Storey Publishing | November 11, 2009 | 245 pages
This friendly guide to eating locally gives readers all the information they need to buy, cook, and eat close to home. Cotler covers all the basics: why eat locally, where to find local foods, how to eat locally on a budget, what questions to ask at the farmers' market, and even how to grow one's... More Info

Food Versus Fuel

December 15, 2010 | 208 pages
Food versus Fuel presents a high-level introduction to the science and economics behind a well-worn debate, that will debunk myths and provide quality facts and figures for academics and practitioners in development studies, environment studies, and agricultural studies.  More Info

The Environmental Responsibility Reader

March 15, 2009 | 360 pages
This book is for anyone involved with managing environmental decisions making. The book promotes innovative ways of understanding and taking responsibility for actions in the context of our ‘natural’ world through a selection of classic and contemporary edited readings accompanied with an... More Info

Moving People

March 15, 2010 | 259 pages
The local and global environmental impacts of transport are more apparent than ever before. This book provides an attention-grabbing introduction to sustainable transport development in practice via a series of case studies. Re-assessing the value and importance of non-motorized transport raises... More Info

Carbon Democracy

Verso Books | November 7, 2011 | 224 pages
How do oil and democracy mix? Oil is a curse, we are told, that causes corruption and war, but Carbon Democracy tells a different story. Timothy Mitchell rethinks the history of energy, the politics of nature, the work of democracy, and the place of the Middle East in our common world. He begins... More Info

State of the World 2012

March 28, 2012 | 256 pages
In the 2012 edition of its flagship report, the Worldwatch Institute marks the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Earth Summit by looking at what changes and policies will be necessary to make sustainability a permanent feature of the world's economies, in a book that also includes informative charts.  More Info

The Mindful Carnivore

February 15, 2012 | 281 pages
A former vegan returns to eating meat for health reasons and discusses and challenges the behavior of hunters and vegetarians alike, ultimately determining that both groups are motivated by values and instincts that are very similar.  More Info

Wild Law

Chelsea Green Pub Co | May 3, 2011 | 206 pages
In Wild Law, Cormac Cullinan fuses politics, legal theory, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom into a fascinating story that has been seminal in informing and inspiring the global movement to recognize rights for Nature-a movement destined to shape the twenty-first century as significantly as the... More Info

Fly and Be Damned

March 15, 2012 | 256 pages
Fly and Be Damned gets underneath the well-known facts about the unsustainable nature of the aviation industry and argues for fundamental change to our traveling habits. The first book to transcend the emotional debate between the entrenched positions of those who are either for, or against,... More Info

Biofuels, Land Grabbing and Food Security in Africa

July 15, 2011 | 256 pages
Biofuels have been much debated, but to date the focus largely has been on Latin America and deforestation. Biofuels, Land Grabbing and Food Security in Africa is a highly original work that breaks fresh ground by looking at the African perspective. Most African governments see biofuels as having... More Info

Time and the Suburbs

Arbeiter Ring Pub | December 1, 2011 | 150 pages
By combining provocative prose with photo-essay, Time and the Suburbs explores the disappearance of cities in North America under the weight of suburban, exurban, and other forms of development that are changing the way we live. Pointing to the complex experience of time in traditional cities, the... More Info

Climate Change Denial

Earthscan / James & James | June 30, 2011 | 174 pages
Humans have always used denial. When we are afraid, guilty, confused, or when something interferes with our self-image, we tend to deny it. Yet denial is a delusion. When it impacts on the health of oneself, or society, or the world it becomes a pathology. Climate change denial is such a case.... More Info

Do we need pandas?

March 18, 2011 | 160 pages
A fascinating popular science book that reveals how much we really know - and don't know - about the natural world. It explains why we need to be more concerned about ecosystems than individual iconic species such as the giant panda and gorilla. How much do we really know about the species that... More Info

Plastic:A Toxic Love Story

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | April 18, 2011 | 324 pages

Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change

Knopf Canada | October 1, 2011 | 366 pages

Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent

Greystone Books | October 1, 2008 | 208 pages
While the world goes green, Canada has elected to go black into the tar. The frenzied development ($100 billion and counting) of the oil sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta, in the last six years has made Canada the world’s fifth greatest global exporter of oil and turned the country into “an... More Info

Arrival City

Random House Digital, Inc. | September 21, 2010 | 368 pages
From one of Canada's leading journalists comes a major book about how the movement of populations from rural to urban areas on the margins is reshaping our world. These transitional spaces are where the next great economic and cultural boom will be born, or where the great explosion of violence... More Info

Tropic of Chaos

June 28, 2011 | 304 pages
An investigative journalist visits the economically and politically battered post-colonial nations around the earth's mid-latitudes and reveals how extreme weather in the era of climate change is breeding banditry, humanitarian crises and state failure.  More Info

As the world burns

Seven Stories Pr | November 1, 2007 | 220 pages
Gathers comic strips which offer a satirical view of social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of environmentalism in the United States.  More Info

The Story of Stuff

Free Press | February 1, 2011 | 319 pages
Annie Leonard tracks the life of the "stuff" we use every day, transforming how we think about our patterns of consumption.  More Info

The 100-Mile Diet

Vintage Canada | October 2, 2007 | 288 pages
The remarkable, amusing and inspiring adventures of a Canadian couple who make a year-long attempt to eat foods grown and produced within a 100-mile radius of their apartment. When Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon learned that the average ingredient in a North American meal travels 1,500 miles from... More Info