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Gorsky Pr | April 15, 2006 | 252 pages
Grrrl is the story of a young girl searching for herself in the midst of the riot grrl movement. For young Marlie, music is more than just something to listen to. It's her salvation from the banality of the suburbs. She dreams of one day becoming a rock star and taking music back for the girls, but... More Info

The Wife's Tale

Random House of Canada Ltd | August 18, 2009 | 384 pages
In Lori Lansens' Leaford, Ontario - home of Rose and Ruby Darlen, the sorrowing parents of Larry Merkel, and not far from Rusholme where Addy Shadd once looked after an abandoned child - love and grief combine to awaken an obese woman from her loneliness. When her husband doesn't come home on the... More Info


House of Anansi Pr | January 30, 2010 | 310 pages
In 1982, the oil rig Ocean Ranger sank off the coast of Newfoundland during a Valentine's Day storm. All eighty-four men aboard died. February is the story of Helen O'Mara, one of those left behind when her husband, Cal, drowns. It begins in the present-day, but spirals back again and again to the... More Info

And Also Sharks

March 15, 2011 | 240 pages
The forlornly funny stories in And Also Sharks celebrate the socially awkward, the insecure, the unfulfilled, and the obsessed. A disgruntled follower of a self-esteem blog posts a rambling critical comment. On the hunt for the perfect coffee table, a pregnant woman and her husband stop to visit... More Info

The Golden Mean

Random House of Canada Limited | August 11, 2009 | 304 pages
Aristotle must postpone his dream of succeeding Plato at the Academy in Athens when he is forced to tutor Alexander, a prince of Macedon. Aristotle's resentment at his situation is soon overcome by the boy's intellectual potential and his capacity for surprise.  More Info

Confessions of a small press racketeer

Anvil Pr | February 1, 2005 | 127 pages
Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer is equal parts literary memoir, advice for the emerging writer, and reckless tirade. Ross has been active in the Canadian literary underground for a quarter of a century: he's sold thousands of his books in the streets, published and edited magazines, trained... More Info

One Bird's Choice

House of Anansi Pr | March 1, 2011 | 264 pages
The author, accepting a part-time job near his childhood home, describes his experiences after he moves back home to live with his parents.  More Info

8 X 10

Random House Digital, Inc. | September 29, 2009 | 176 pages
Shockingly original and intensely intelligent,8 x 10is a series of snapshots of a world torn apart by war and migration. Fearless in form, Michael Turner's8 x 10casts aside traditional narrative structure and characterization to delve deeper into the issues gnawing at today's global society.  More Info

Holding still for as long as possible

House of Anansi Press | August 10, 2009 | 301 pages
Three twenty-five-years-olds - two women and a man - who grew up on anti-anxiety meds and who now spend their time text-messaging each other truncated emotional reactions to events they cannot control or even comprehend. A portrait of life in the seedy but gentrifying Toronto neighbourhood of... More Info

Not Being on a Boat

Freehand Books | October 1, 2011 | 347 pages
Rutledge, an aging, divorced man, has treated himself to a Cruise on the Mariola. The Cruise is not just any cruise. It's the whole shebang. It's around the world. It's a lifestyle change: G & Ts and tuxedos and cigars and cognac galore. The service is top-rate. And Rutledge's steward, Raoul,... More Info


Ecw Press | April 1, 2009 | 180 pages
Part graphic novel, part journal, this tale follows one young man's embarrassing and hilarious journey to literary awareness. Jonny lives and works in a suburban strip mall but dreams of being a writer. He already possesses most of the elements needed to realize his dream--a supportive girlfriend,... More Info

Through black spruce

Penguin Group Canada | September 9, 2008 | 360 pages
From internationally acclaimed author Joseph Boyden comes an astonishingly powerful novel of contemporary aboriginal life, full of the dangers and harsh beauty of both forest and city. When beautiful Suzanne Bird disappears, her sister Annie, a loner and hunter, is compelled to search for her,... More Info

Beatrice & Virgil

Random House Digital, Inc. | April 6, 2010 | 224 pages
When Henry receives a letter from an elderly taxidermist, it poses a puzzle that he cannot resist. As he is pulled further into the world of this strange and calculating man, Henry becomes increasingly involved with the lives of a donkey and a howler monkey--named Beatrice and Virgil--and the epic... More Info