Books written by bell hooks


Be Boy Buzz

Jump At The Sun | January 3, 2017 | 32 pages
I be boy. All bliss boy. All fine beat. All beau boy. Beautiful. Famed author bell hooks brings us a tight, exuberant story that captures the essence and energy of what it means to be a boy. Chris Raschka's soulful illustrations buzz with a force that is the perfect match for these powerful words.... More Info

Skin Again

Jump At The Sun | June 6, 2017 | 40 pages
The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story. The skin I'm in is just a covering. If you want to know who I am, you have got to come inside and open your heart way wide. Celebrating all that makes us unique and different, Skin Again offers new ways to talk about race and identity.... More Info

Ain't I a Woman

August 18, 1981 | 205 pages
Examines the experiences of Black women during slavery, explains why the issues of racism and sexism are intertwined, and looks at the role of Black women in the feminist movement  More Info


Taylor & Francis US | August 18, 2019 | 230 pages
What does it mean to call a place home? Who is allowed to become a member of a community? How do we create community? When can we say that we truly belong? The issues of place and belonging are the subject of this book. Moving from past to present, the author charts a journey in which she moves... More Info

Killing Rage

Macmillan | October 15, 1996 | 288 pages
Twenty-three essays ponder such topics as psychological trauma among African Americans, black anti-Semitism, and friendships between black women and white women. Reprint. 25,000 first printing. $20,000 ad/promo.  More Info

Teaching Critical Thinking

August 18, 2019 | 191 pages
In Teaching Critical Thinking, renowned cultural critic and progressive educator bell hooks addresses some of the most compelling issues facing teachers in and out of the classroom today. In a series of short, accessible, and enlightening essays, hooks explores the confounding and sometimes... More Info


Harper Collins | December 18, 2001 | 256 pages
Acclaimed visionary and intellectual bell hooks began her exploration of the meaning of love in American culture with the bestselling All About Love: New Visions. Here she continues her love song to the nation in the groundbreaking and soul-stirring Salvation: Black People and Love. Whether talking... More Info

Feminist Theory

Routledge | September 26, 2014 | 179 pages
When Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center was first published in 1984, it was welcomed and praised by feminist thinkers who wanted a new vision. Even so, individual readers frequently found the theory "unsettling" or "provocative." Today, the blueprint for feminist movement presented in the book... More Info

All about love

Harper Paperbacks | January 9, 2001 | 239 pages
Presenting radical new ways to think about love, the acclaimed cultural critic, feminist, and author examines the role of love in our personal and professional lives and how it can be used to end struggles between individuals, communities, and societies. Reader's Guide available. Reprint. 40,000... More Info

The Will to Change

Washington Square Pr | December 21, 2004 | 208 pages
In a thought-provoking social and cultural analysis, the author of All About Love explores the world of masculinity and maleness to address some of men's most common concerns, including a fear of intimacy and the loss of their patriarchal place in society, arguing that an emotionally rewarding... More Info


HarperCollins | December 24, 2002 | 272 pages
Renowned visionary and theorist bell hooks began her exploration of the meaning of love in American culture with the critically acclaimed All About Love: New Visions. She continued her national dialogue with the bestselling Salvation: Black People and Love. Now hooks culminates her triumphant... More Info

Where We Stand

Routledge | August 18, 2019 | 164 pages
Publisher Fact Sheet A noted feminist's previously unpublished personal reflections on race & class.  More Info

Ain't I A Woman

August 1, 2006 |
bell hooks South End Press; 1981 Paperback; 205 pages 9781897071199 A groundbreaking work of feminist history and theory analyzing the complex relations between various forms of oppression. Ain't I a Woman examines the impact of sexism on black women during slavery, the historic devaluation of... More Info

Sisters of the Yam

February 15, 2005 | 208 pages
When Sisters of the Yamwas originally released in 1994 it won critical praise and solidified bell hooks' reputation as one of the leading public intellectuals of her generation. Today, the book is considered a classic in African American and feminist circles. It provides a launching point for much... More Info