Books written by Robert Bringhurst

Selected Poems

July 24, 2019 | 265 pages
This new volume brings together selections from several of Bringhurst’s collections of poetry, including The Beauty of the Weapons and The Calling, along with complete works including the polyphonic Conversations with a Toad and The Blue Roofs of Japan, and a series of new poems, “The... More Info

Everywhere Being is Dancing

July 24, 2019 | 345 pages
In this companion volume to The Tree of Meaning (GP, 2006), Robert Bringhurst collects talks and meditations under the principle that “everything is related to everything else.” His studies of poetry, polyphonics, oral literature, storytelling, translation, mythology, homogeny, cultural... More Info

A Story as Sharp as a Knife

Douglas & McIntyre Ltd | April 1, 2011 | 544 pages
A seminal collection of Haida myths and legends; now in a gorgeous new package. The linguist and ethnographer John Swanton took dictation from the last great Haida-speaking storytellers, poets and historians from the fall of 1900 through the summer of 1901. Together they created a great treasury of... More Info

The Tree of Meaning

Counterpoint | July 1, 2009 | 329 pages
“Poems, where I come from,” writes Robert Bringhurst, “are spoken to be written and written to be spoken.The Tree of Meaningis a book of critical prose composed in the same way.” Together, these thirteen lectures present a superbly grounded approach to the study of language, focusing on... More Info

The Raven Steals the Light

July 24, 1996 | 109 pages
An elegant reissue of a timeless collection of Haida myths, with a new preface by Claude Levi-Strauss. Ten masterful, complex drawings by Bill Reidare accompanied by ten episodes from Haida mythology told by Bill Reidand Robert Bringhurst. The result brings Haida art and mythology alive as never... More Info