Books written by Neil Christopher


Mia and the Monsters: Staying Warm in the Winter (English/Inuktitut)

Arvaaq Books | February 5, 2019 | 16 pages
Featured on Anaana's Tent on APTN!What do Mia and her monster friends wear to stay warm?Watch as Mia and the monsters get ready to play outside in the snow.  More Info

Siku & Kamik Go to School

August 18, 2019 |
Siku and Kamik are good dogs. They want to go to school just like you. With this entertaining book, children will be encouraged to follow a simple story with the help of supportive illustrations.  More Info

Those That Cause Fear

Inhabit Media | June 1, 2016 | 40 pages
This book introduces kids to the spine-tingling, hair-raising creatures found in Inuit myths. From the mahahaa, a fearsome creature that tickles people to death to the palraiyuk, a reptilian creature said to have six legs and the body of a snake, this book includes all the creepy, spooky, and down... More Info

Way Back Then

November 1, 2015 | 40 pages
A sweet and simple bedtime story, written in both English and Inuktitut, introduces readers to several short myths from Inuit mythology Kudlu's children will not go to sleep until he tells them a story of long ago. Before they will shut their eyes, they want to hear about a time long before Kudlu... More Info


Inhabit Media Incorporated | August 18, 2019 | 288 pages
A collection of ancient Inuit myths. In this exhaustive story collection, the rich tradition of Inuit storytelling becomes accessible to the rest of Canada for the first time. Unipkaaqtut is the Inuit word meaning "to tell stories." This definitive collection of Inuit legends is thoughtfully... More Info

Ava and the Little Folk

Inhabit Media | September 30, 2012 | 40 pages
In the Arctic, tales of tiny people who live on the land abound. This children's story follows the adventures of an orphan named Ava who is left to fend for himself by the adults in his village. One day, cold and alone, Ava stumbles upon a group of magical dwarves who finally show him how it feels... More Info