Books written by Jane Rule

The Young in One Another's Arms

Arsenal Pulp Pr Ltd | May 1, 2005 | 256 pages
One of the first novels ever to depict lesbians in a positive light.  More Info

This Is Not For You

Insomniac Pr | April 1, 2005 | 304 pages
This Is Not For You tells the story of a young woman in the late 1950s and early 1960s as she negotiates her lesbian sexuality. This epistolary lament - an unsent letter to a lover who was never quite a lover - depicts New York and London and a group of friends as they search, sometimes in vain,... More Info

Contract With The World

Insomniac Pr | April 1, 2005 | 352 pages
Told from the perspective of six characters, this story of art and sex set in Vancouver in the 1970s highlights the choices and motivations of a writer, a portrait painter, a sculptor, and a sound musician as they struggle with the mores of their time and their community. Original.  More Info