Books written by Hanna Rosin

Are Men Obsolete?

February 7, 2014 | 104 pages
For the first time in history, will it be better to be a woman than a man in the upcoming century? The twelfth semi-annual Munk Debate pits renowned author and editorHanna Rosin and Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Maureen Dowd against New York Times–bestselling author Caitlin Moran and... More Info

The End of Men

Riverhead Books (Hardcover) | September 11, 2012 | 310 pages
A full-length report based on the author's Atlantic cover story argues that a radical shift in power dynamics between men and women at every level of society is having profound implications for marriage, sex, children, work and more, demonstrating the radically different and promising ways today's... More Info