Books written by Elizabeth Comack


Coming Back to Jail

May 1, 2018 | 248 pages
Professor:  Santos, Madalena
Course Codes:  CRCJ 4001D
Semester:  Winter-2019
Santos, Madalena Coming Back to Jail CRCJ 4001D  More Info

Out There / In Here

Brunswick Books | February 17, 2019 | 168 pages
Moving between the spaces of the outside community and prison—"out there" and "in here"—this study explores the complicated connections between masculinity and violence in the lives of men incarcerated at a provincial prison. The discussion traces the men's lives and highlights their... More Info

Criminalizing women

Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd. | August 1, 2006 | 382 pages
This reference focuses on the key issues addressed by feminists in their engagement with criminology over the past four decades. Exploring women's lives as "errant females," this volume maps out the connections between the choices women make and their environment as linked to the wider... More Info